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A Great State Needs a Great University

In a few short weeks, more than 4,600 students will cross graduation stages all across Alaska and begin the journey into the next phase of their lives. I am encouraged by their resilience and their potential to do great things for themselves and our state. In many respects, the university has played a critical role in shaping these young men and women, and they in turn will shape our world.

There are parallels between the challenges and opportunities they face, and those faced by the University of Alaska. We both are walking into an uncertain time, but understand that we have great opportunities to pursue with energy, confidence, and commitment.� READ....

SB 174 Is Bad Legislation Whether You’re For Or Against Guns On Campus

The pro and anti-guns on campus debate misses an important point – a bill can be a bad bill no matter which side of the debate you’re on. SB 174 currently is a bad bill. It prevents common sense regulation and response when bad things involving weapons happen on campus. It also permits behavior that most responsible gun owners would not endorse.� READ...

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