Students, staff and faculty at UAF's Kuskokwim campus model their new t-shirt and sweatshirt design in this August Facebook photo. The Board of Regents will be meeting on the campus, which is located in Bethel, this April for the first time since 2005. Photo by Cindy Andrecheck.

News Stories - March 2015

  • Team to Review Statewide Programs and Services
  • University Concludes First Climate Survey
  • Announcing the new Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research Daniel White
  • Announcing AVP of Facilities and Land Management Kit Duke's Retirement from UA
  • UA Foundation Pilots "Work from Remote" Program
  • Wellness Program $600 Incentive: Deadline April 30
  • Healthyroads Wellness Program
  • Regents to meet in Bethel April 9-10
  • New program for Reporting Accidents and Unsafe Conditions
  • The Capitol Report: March

Team to Review Statewide Programs and Services

The University of Alaska system regularly reviews its programs, services and processes to ensure they are tied to mission, efficient in use of resources, and effective in delivering results. Prioritization efforts, program reviews, the annual budget process and Shaping Alaska’s Future are all key drivers of the continuous improvement needed to meet the higher education needs of Alaska. With the fast pace of change in higher education and the state’s deepening fiscal crisis, UA’s three universities have accelerated the pace of program reviews to ensure the budget reduction decisions they make are aligned with the system goal to maintain as strong a core as possible.

Statewide also took its share of cuts in FY15, but it is now time to conduct an even more thorough review of services and programs. Towards that end, Michelle Rizk has been assigned to assemble a small, agile team to conduct this review.  MORE...

Announcing the new Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research Daniel White

Daniel White, a University of Alaska Fairbanks executive with a long history in Northern engineering was recently named Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research for the UA Statewide System. He will oversee services including Academic Affairs, Corporate Programs, Student Services, Health Programs, Distance Education, K-12 Outreach, collaboration on academic governance, academic and research initiatives involving UA campuses, the state and federal sectors, and outreach including international initiatives.

Joining UAF's faculty in 1995, he served as chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, director of the Institute of Northern Engineering, and associate vice chancellor for research. He was appointed interim vice chancellor for research in January.

"Dan brings a breadth of knowledge about how our operations work, both at the campus and system level," said UA president Pat Gamble, "He also stood out in all areas of consideration. I'm delighted to announce that Dan has accepted the duties of this very important and diverse leadership position."

The Vice President of Academic Affairs and Research position has been filled on rotational basis by the three campus provosts from UAA, UAF and UAS, since former Vice President for Academic Affairs Dana Thomas retired in December 2014.

Announcing AVP of Facilities and Land Management Kit Duke's Retirement from UA

After 6.5 years as a revered co-worker and friend to many at the University of Alaska, Associate Vice President of Facilities and Land Management Kit Duke has announced her retirement date of June 1, 2015.  MORE...

Regents to meet in Bethel April 9-10

The University of Alaska Board of Regents will be meeting in Bethel April 9-10. The last time the Regents met at UAF's Kuskokwim campus was in April 2005.

In addition to taking public testimony from those present in Bethel, Regents will be reviewing the latest budget developments, UA finances, and receive updates on the Shaping Alaska's Future initiative and on the search for a new UA president. A number of policies are up for approval as well as project change and schematic approvals for UA facilities. UAF and UAS will be presenting on their program review processes. UAA provided their program review update at the February meeting.

The full agenda and link to a live video stream is available on the BOR website: http://www.alaska.edu/bor/agendas/

New program for reporting Accidents and Unsafe Conditions

The University is committed to maintaining a safe environment that will encourage and enhance the experiences of each person who steps onto one of our campuses. An important part of improving safety is quickly identifying and responding to incidents or unsafe conditions. A new online incident reporting system, Origami Risk, has been designed to make reporting easy and simple for all employees and students.

An “incident” is an injury, damaged property or damage to vehicles. Examples of “unsafe conditions” include damaged walking surfaces, broken hand rails, inadequate lighting in common areas and even fire hazards, to name a few. Employees and students can actively participate in keeping our campus communities safe by reporting injuries, non-emergency damages, or potential hazards.  MORE....

University Concludes First Climate Survey

The University of Alaska successfully completed its first system-wide Climate Survey to study perceptions of sexual misconduct on campuses and in the lives of students, staff and faculty. The survey is a tool to inform UA about the current climate towards sexual misconduct and assess how well Title IX programs are working and where improvement is needed. In 2014 Title IX, the federal law responsible for addressing discrimination based on gender on college and university campuses, mandated that schools conduct climate surveys cyclically.  MORE...

UA Foundation Pilots "Work from Remote" Program

In January 2015, the UA Foundation began a trial program assessing the effectiveness and viability of a “work from remote” program. The program was envisioned as a way of improving employee morale, enhancing productivity in an era of declining resources, preparing staff for campus closures or emergencies (weather, disaster, etc), and promoting employee hiring and retention. 

The Foundation pilot program for remote work (a.k.a telecommuting, telework, work from home), began as an idea in November 2013. It involved over a year of developing management plans, guidelines, procedures, policies and productivity metrics. The process also included gaining approval from Human Resources, General Counsel, Risk Services and UA foundation and system leadership. MORE....

Wellness Program $600 Incentive: Deadline April 30

The April 30th deadline to complete all requirements for the FY16 plan year is quickly approaching! We want to remind all employees and spouses/FIPs that are currently enrolled in the UA Choice Plan that you still have time to complete the following requirements:

  1. Complete a Personal Health Assessment (PHA)
  2. Get a biometric screening
  3. Earn 5 additional credits

Once these are complete you will be eligible to earn a rebate of up to $600 for you and $600 for your spouse/FIP. The wellness rebate will be paid out in bi-weekly payments or “credits” on your paycheck, just like you pay for health insurance.

As a reminder, all program-related information is posted online through the UA benefits page: http://www.alaska.edu/benefits/wellness-programs/. You can also view the Incentive guidelines and requirements through the Healthyroads website. (Employees should access the site utilizing the single sign-on link) Once logged-into Healthyroads.com you can view the information under the ‘Incentives’ tab.

If you have any additional questions please contact: Sara Rodewald, Program Manager, Healthyroads sararo@ashn.com, 907-450-8203

Healthyroads Wellness Program

The University of Alaska wellness program is designed for the maximum employee health benefit. When the Joint Health Care Committee was working on the program design they wanted to limit self-reported information, preferring validated data, like actual biometric screening data (not self-entered from memory), and verified preventive exam data that require both truth in reporting, accurate self-assessment and face-to-face interaction with health care providers.

You don't have to have gadgets, be tech savvy or spend hours on the computer to comply and earn a $600 rebate on UA Choice health plans.   MORE.....

The Capitol Report: March

Chris Christensen, associate vice president for state relations, provides regular alerts and updates from Juneau during the legislative session in his Capitol Report. To view the latest information and sign-up for the advocay list serv visit: www.alaska.edu/state/report/

For an overview of the budget process and timeline please download this interactive PDF.

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