The UA Summit Team Continues Its Work To Help Shape Alaska’s Future

The UA Summit Team, comprising the three chancellors, the three provosts from UAA, UAF and UAS, and President Gamble, is charged to take up issues that cut across university boundaries. Since its inception in 2014, the Summit Team has been very active, recommending a number of changes to the UA Board of Regents. The following is a listing of actions requiring BOR approval that the Summit Team has proposed:

  • Common Statewide Academic Calendar – Passed by the UA Board of Regents in April 2014
  • Common developmental education and general education – Passed by the UA Board of Regents in April 2014
  • Revised the Program Review Schedule from every 5 years to every 7 years to align with new institutional accreditation schedule – Passed by the UA Board of Regents in April 2014
  • Tobacco free campuses – Passed by the UA Board of Regents in December 2014

The UA Summit Team has also taken on a number of actions that affect “how we do what we do” statewide. Some of those actions include:

  • Implementing Come Home to Alaska Program allowing resident tuition for out of state students with lineal family in state
  • Establishing Quality Control, Compliance Process, and Standard Operating Procedures for Health Care Programs
  • Synchronizing a single password logon
  • Outsourcing the backlog of Banner system changes
  • Convening a data/analytics group to identify needs and establish a data architecture
  • Reducing annual leave cash out for staff
  • Developing System-Wide "Paraprofessional to Certified Teacher" Program
  • Consolidating the eLearning Management System into single instance of the Learning Management System; activate MyUA Courses in all instances of Bb as default. Asked the Statewide Academic Council to draft regulation on the required use of the common learning management system.
  • Conducting an Administrative Information Systems Governance Review

Along with the above actions, the Summit Team initiated investigations that are being tasked to governance groups, and teams of leaders from all three universities and statewide. Below is a list of some of those investigations:

  • Aligning UA Elementary Education Curriculum
  • Adopting Common Financial Aid Practices Across the System
  • Drafting Policy and Regulation on the Role and Mission of Community Campuses – draft circulated
  • Suspending ORP entry for new PERS eligible employees
  • Assessing full enrollment status in eLearning offerings and examine a single eLearning portal
  • Taking part in WICHE Passport Initiative to facilitate interstate credit transfer
  • Instituting vendor payments using ACH and other electronic payment options
  • Emergency Leave Policy (Personal Safety Days) – examine combining sick and annual leave
  • Should Students from Non-SARA States Be Allowed to Enroll in UA Distance Delivery Courses?
  • Sending Summit Team perspective on UA Core Values to Staff Council – Still in development

To find out more about any of the above UA Summit Team actions and investigations please click here.

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