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Give AP Credit Where Credit Is Due
By Mark Bauerlein for The Chronicle
A discussion of AP curriculum is sparked when Dartmouth makes a surprise move to terminate its policy of giving credit to students who performed well on AP examinations in several subject areas.

Social Media: Could Ya, Should Ya, Would Ya?
By Diane Lambart Fleming for The Chronicle
Diane Lambart Fleming shares some questions financial-aid offices should explore before dipping their toes into social media.

Most Families Lack a Plan to Pay for College, Survey Finds
By Beckie Supiano
Parents are optimistic that they’ll meet their college-savings goals, but many of them are not on track to do so, according to a report released on Tuesday by Sallie Mae, the student-loan and financial-services company.

Health care costs are biting Alaskans, businesses harder
by Tim Bradner, Alaska Journal of Commerce
The Alaska Journal of Commerce paints a dire picture for Alaska businesses. Most are paying 30 percent more for insurance premiums than comparison states, like Washington. Alaska doesn’t stand alone. The article states that on a national level, the rising cost of health insurance has outpaced general inflation and growth of workers’ earnings.

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