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The 2011 members of the Board of Regents gathered in Juneau for a two day meeting. Pictured from left are Mike Powers of Fairbanks; Fuller Cowell of Anchorage; Ken Fisher of Juneau; Kirk Wickersham of Anchorage; Jo Heckman of Fairbanks; Mari Freitag of Fairbanks; Pat Jacobson of Kodiak; President Pat Gamble; and Bob Martin of Juneau. Not pictured are Mary Hughes, Tim Brady and Carl Marrs, all of Anchorage. Photo by Kate Ripley

Regents hear support for UAS, approve engineering plan

The Board of Regents held a two day meeting at the University of Alaska Southeast Sept. 22–23. The board approved a multi-faceted engineering plan that will eventually improve engineering facilities and programs at the Anchorage and Fairbanks campuses. The board’s action is the first step in a multi-stage process that could ultimately lead to new facilities at UAA and UAF, though funding is not requested at this time.

The 11-member board also heard from many community and business leaders about the importance of the University of Alaska Southeast. Testimony for UAS was strong, particularly for a student housing expansion project that has received partial funding but needs additional support before it can be completed.

The board approved an Associate of Applied Science degree in paramedicine at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and reaffirmed a joint doctoral degree between UAA and UAF in clinical community psychology. The board also approved schematic design for a wellness center upgrade at Prince William Sound Community College in Valdez; the new sports arena at the University of Alaska Anchorage; and the new career and technical education center and student housing projects at Kenai Peninsula College. Those projects were approved in a statewide general obligation vote last year. A plan to spend $37.5 million in deferred maintenance projects was approved, as was a list of projects included within a $50 million bond sale. The legislature and governor provided the deferred maintenance money and bonding authority last year.� MORE....

Student Services reminds students to Stay on TRACK

The “Stay on TRACK” awareness campaign starts systemwide during the spring 2012 registration season to call students’ attention to the fact that they must take at least 15 credits a semester, and make other conscious choices, in order to graduate in four years. The campaign is focused on first-time, full-time bachelor’s degree seeking students. “Stay on TRACK” encourages students to take 30 credits a year, choose a major, meet with their adviser, consider summer enrollment and use DegreeWorks at UAOnline.

Shifting the paradigm for full-time enrollment back to 15 credits from 12 credits will be a significant challenge. The unfortunate reality is that students consider 12 credits to be acceptable full-time enrollment. However, with the four year graduation clock ticking and credits costing $154/each or more - students need to make every credit count. It costs a student $10,000 more to graduate in five years instead of four.

Contact Mary Gower at x8145 for more information.

Regents give President Gamble high marks, raise

The Board of Regents on Sept. 23 approved an 8.5 percent increase to President Gamble’s pay, bringing it to $320,075 annually. Board members said they supported the motion, offered by Regent Mary Hughes, for two primary reasons: 1) to move the salary closer to current market rates for university system presidents at peer institutions and 2) for exceptional performance following his first year on the job.

Even with the raise, the UA president’s salary is 76.5 percent of the market rate. UA historically has used 90 percent of the market median for presidents of peer institutions as a benchmark in setting the president’s salary.

UA strives to keep its salaries at competitive levels for all positions, and uses appropriate benchmarks for market salary comparisons.

Employees who have questions about their pay relative to market should contact their supervisor or Human Resources.�� MORE....

SAA Highlights

The Statewide Administration Assembly last met on Sept. 14. The next SAA meeting will be 10 a.m., Wednesday, Oct. 12, in the Sherman Carter Conference Room and the conference room in the Bragraw Office Building. All meetings are open to the public, and statewide workers are encouraged to contact their governance group to address workplace concerns, policies and other matters affecting Statewide staff.

September 14 meeting overview:

  • Staff Alliance compensation committee working group
  • Policy review
  • Employee tuition waiver update
  • Non-union staff salary
  • Performance evaluation update
  • Telework proposed guidelines
  • Union update
  • Holiday projects
  • Building issues

For information please read the overview HERE.

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