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August Training Calendar

The OIT training calendar is the place to go to find and register for computer training.

Blackboard Training
Several Blackboard training courses are available throughout the month including basic Blackboard training, overviews of new features, setting up grade center in Blackboard, and Blackboard virtual support.

Google Groups
This class will introduce the user to Google Groups, including basic setup and ways that it might be used.

Classes in Roxen content and forms are held throughout the month as well as walk-in training for Roxen on Fridays.

TOAD Reader
TOAD for Application Developers is the replacement for Query builder. You will learn to:

  • Open and customize the Toad environment
  • Find and execute stored queries
  • Modify existing queries
  • Export your results

This class is required for advanced training from your functional area experts.

iTunes U

iTunes U is active and faculty who want to start using iTunes U must sign up for a course account and after they receive their course account access, we encourage you to sign up for and attend one of our "Configuring Your iTunes U Course Account" classes. - iTunes U course account signup is at http://www.uaf.edu/multimedia/podcasts/submit.html

With the advent of iTunes U you may be interested in creating podcast content that can be uploaded to your iTunes U account. We currently offer a podcast creation class that uses Apple's GarageBand so if you are interested, you can sign up for one of our podcast related classes on our calendar.

Atomic Learning

Don't forget, that for those quick I need to know how to questions, sometimes the answer is a web site away - Take a look at http://www.atomiclearning.com/highed/ for short FREE 2-3 minutes videos on a variety of software that you may be using.

Drop-in Training

Remember that you can drop by our office in 319B Bunnell if you need some one-on-one help or have a question; we also are willing to train a group from your office as well.� And of course there are our usual Friday drop-in hours of 1-2 pm for Google Apps-iTunesU-Podcasting� help, Blackboard (the current version or the scheduled new version)� from 2-4 pm in 319B Bunnell and TOAD-Roxen from 2-4 pm in Butrovich 104. At the very least if you're not sure what the best approach is or exactly what your training needs are, call the Support Center (x8300) and they can initiate a help desk request ticket.�

As always, you can give us a call or send us an email

Chris Beks - cgbeks@alaska.edu - x6796
Gary Bender - gabender@alaska.edu - x6573
Cara Brunk - cbrunk@alaska.edu - x8385
Martin Miller - msmiller@alaska.edu - x8304

HR Training Calendar

The Statewide Office of Human Resources is sponsoring a variety of classes in August 2011 for University employees.� See http://www.alaska.edu/hrtraining/Calendar/ for the monthly calendars at a glance.

�“Ethics Laws and University Employment”
August 17, 2011.� Wednesday @ 10:00 am in Butro 204.� This session will be presented by Michael Hostina, Associate General Counsel and available at various video-conference sites across the system designated below.� Registrations will be accepted HERE.

Video-conference sites
1.��� Bragaw Office Building 205, Anchorage (contact:� Anne Sakumoto – 786-1432)
2.��� University Lake Building 104, Anchorage (contact:� Steve Hinds – 786-1425)
3.��� FSM 201, Mat-Su (contact: Andrea Andrews - 745-9725)
4.��� Ward115, Kenai (contact:� Eileen Reemstma – 262-0317)


The webinar schedule for July through December 2011 is posted.� Upcoming webinars include:
“The Confident You: Taking Charge of Your Life” - August 3, 2011 @ 11:00 am

�“Becoming a Team Player” - August 17, 2011 @ 11:00 am

“Stress: A Way of Life or Fact of Life” – September 7, 2011 @ 11:00 am

�“Enhancing Personal Safety” – September 21 @ 11:00 am -

The webinars are generally 45 minutes in length and are open to University of Alaska employees system-wide.� There are no fees to attend a ComPsych webinar. If the webinar takes place during the employee’s work hours, as with any training event, supervisory approval should be obtained to ensure proper departmental coverage.� Employees may join these webinars from any computer and telephone.� A toll-free number is provided to join the audio portion of the webinar.�

To register, simply select the desired training event on the calendar and enter your name, email address, telephone number and click “submit.”� Registered participants receive a reminder email and the webinar handouts 24-48 hours prior to the webinar.�

To request a topic for a Wednesday webinar or for your department meeting, check the ComPsych Catalog posted at ComPsych webinar page. When submitting a request, please email syhrtraining@email.alaska.edu and include “ComPsych Webinar Request” in your subject line.


Demonstrations.� The last of three scheduled demonstrations on how to navigate the new SkillPort 7.0 site is planned for August 19 at 10:00 am

Registration, although not required, is encouraged.� Registrants will receive a reminder email 1-2 days prior to the demonstration and any updated information about the demonstration.�� Instructions and credentials for joining the online demonstrations are posted on the calendar and� listed below.

To enter the demonstration session, you’ll need a computer with an internet connection and a telephone line to call the toll-free number below.� At the scheduled time click the link below or copy the URL into your browser:
To enter this session, please use the password: Alaska
Call in number:� 1-866-955-4255
Code: *7360698*

To check your browser compatibility before you join the session, click the link below or copy the URL into your browser:

If you’re unable to attend a demonstration, you may still access video clips on how to navigate SkillPort 7.0 posted at http://www.alaska.edu/hrtraining/e-learning/skillsoft/���

If you have any questions about the information above, feel free to contact Anne Sakumoto at anne.sakumoto@alaska.edu or (907) 786-1432.

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