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Unused Personal Holiday Leave for FY10

Check your records to see if you still have Personal Holiday Leave (PHL) available for use in fiscal year 2010. The end of the fiscal year is fast approaching, and this year’s deadline for PHL usage is June 19.

To check your available Personal Holiday Leave hours balance, log on to UAOnline at http://uaonline.alaska.edu.� Once you log in, select “Employee Services” and then “Time Off Current Balances and History.”

To use your remaining PHL hours, please request approval from your supervisor and use your PHL by June 19, 2010 (the end of the R13 pay period).

Employees eligible for PHL accrual for fiscal year 2011 will receive their hours on July 07, 2010.� However, with supervisor approval, employees may begin using these hours as of July 04, 2010 (the beginning of the R15 pay period).�� Please note that PHL hours cannot be used from June 20, 2010, through July 03, 2010 (the R14 pay period).

For more information or questions regarding PHL usage, please refer to University Regulation 04.06.141.C or contact the Human Resources office.

UA and State of Alaska salary information and comparisons

During its organizing campaign, ASEA has disseminated some salary comparison information to UA employees, including a chart that shows UA wages for particular positions next to wages for positions at the State of Alaska (SOA).� ASEA's information and comparisons are not fully accurate. The FAQ document and charts described HERE contain information that will help you understand UA and State of Alaska salaries in an "apples-to-apples" comparison.

New grid implementation

The newly configured grid structure goes into affect the first pay period in June. This is not the compensation adjustment for FY11, it is a shift to the new pay grid only.� Individual employees will receive a written notice explaining their placement on the new grid and what that will mean now and in the future. As these communications are released they will be posted on HR's Classification and Compensation website at:� http://www.alaska.edu/classification/.

UA Health Link

Keep up-to-date on current wellness benefits and be inspired by healthy lifestyle tips through the UA Health Link. This online newsletter provides monthly updates on IHP programs, wellness breaks, current incentive programs and more. If you missed this month's issue, read it HERE.

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