What are Spikies and how do they prevent injuries?

Spikies are slip-on foot traction devices for use on icy surfaces and have more than proven their value for almost a decade at the University of Alaska. Many winter slip-and-fall injuries have been prevented and hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical costs have been avoided due to Spiky use. Last year the University of Alaska experienced a few reported employee injuries related to slips and falls during icy conditions. Most of the injuries were severe and caused extreme pain and discomfort to valuable employees in addition to many lost workdays. Most of the injured employees knew about the free Spikies program, but failed to either wear the Spikies, to pick them or were wearing them with the spikes pointing into their shoes or boots instead of towards the ground. The most commonly cited excuse for not wearing Spikies was “I left them in my car.” All of those reported injuries could have been prevented if the employees had been wearing their Spikies.

Free Spikies are available for all Statewide regular, temporary, part time and student employees. (If you have received a pair in previous years and they are still serviceable, please do not request another pair, as supplies are limited.) Stop by and see Amaya Spencer in Suite 106, Butrovich Building, to get your pair today.  If you are a Statewide employee located at another University of Alaska campus, free spikies are available to you from the Risk Services Department at your location.  If you do not know where to find them on your campus, contact Tina Holland at thollan4@alaska.edu

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