2009 Statewide Staff Campaign

Every donation is important

If one gift can have such significance, imagine the magnitude of the Statewide Staff joining together to support a common purpose. By making gifts through the campaign, we have made a commitment that promises to benefit our students and our university for many years to come—leading a way for all others to follow.

Why Private Support is Important to UA

  • It takes more than state support to make an institution GREAT! Individual gifts and grants provide the needed funds that enable our University to do extraordinary things.
  • Funding for scholarships is essential for student success.
  • Private gifts help to ensure access to an excellent education for future generations of students.
  • It is essential to show external audiences that UA has a strong commitment from within. Staff participation in giving can go a long way to helping us be heard when we ask for corporate, foundation and legislative support.
  • Your gift is a vote of confidence in the mission of the University of Alaska!

The Statewide Staff Campaign continues through Tuesday June 9. The closing ceremonies at both Anchorage and Fairbanks locations will be at 11 a.m. and feature light refreshments, door prizes and a grand prize of Alaska Airlines tickets. There is still time to make a donation!

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