Fireweed leaves. Photo by Monique Musick

Regents choose firm to help with UA president search

The UA Board of Regents met Monday, Aug. 24, to choose a search firm to help conduct  the search for the 13th president of the UA System. The process is expected to last throughout the winter months. President Hamilton announced his retirement in June. MORE...

Executives learn the ICS system

Understanding the lingo and rationale of the nationally utilized Incident Command System isn’t something that many UA executives might think they need to know. First responders—the ambulance, police and EMTs—deal with such issues, right? Think again, say UA’s Emergency Management team.  MORE....

Butro lighting draws comments

“Stop using so many lights, Butrovich Building, and stop wasting electricity!” So goes the most popular suggestion received repeatedly via President Hamilton’s “Outside the Box” feature at http://www.alaska.edu/pres/suggestion-box/. In fact, UAF Facilities Services has taken numerous steps to reduce energy consumption in the Butrovich Building and other buildings on campus, especially with lights.   MORE....

Celebrate college savings month this September by opening a new account

Today there is great news for Alaska families– saving for college can come with a payoff.  September is College Savings Month and to celebrate, the UA College Savings Plan will make a $50 contribution to any new account opened and funded during the month of September.

The UA College Savings Plan has been helping families save for future college expenses since 1991.  The plan offers a simple and effective way to invest for a child’s future. The plan can be used for any eligible private college, public university or graduate school in the country. Account assets grow tax-deferred and distributions are tax-free if they’re used to pay qualified educational expenses.

One $50 contribution will be made per new account for each unique new beneficiary, regardless of the number of accounts (or investment options) opened for that beneficiary. Account holders opening additional accounts for their existing beneficiary will not be eligible to receive the $50 contribution. The $50 contribution will be made to all eligible accounts at the end of the promotion (November), provided the account is funded.

For further details about the promotion and the plan click here or contact the local UA College Savings Plan office at 907-474-5671.

Save in Alaska. Study Anywhere.

Proposed disc golf course at UAF

A small group of interested campus staff, including Facilities Services, Statewide Risk Management, Wood Center Student Activities, Student Rec Center and the Campus Planning Committee, have been gathering to discuss the possibilities of setting up a Frisbee golf course that can be played in and around the campus area. So far, an 18-hole, par 3 course is under consideration.The concept is for the course to touch all points of campus, so that no matter where you are, a game can be started at any point. The course is designed as a par 3 to reduce the risk of any damage by long, wild disc throws! MORE...

UAF directory updates - DEADLINE September 4, 2009

Please review your UAF directory information by Sept. 4. If you are an administrative contact, please update any people in your unit who do not use their e-mail accounts.

You can review a proof of your listing and the information for your unit in the individuals section of the directory draft at http://www.uaf.edu/directory/proof09/individuals.pdf.

Note this is the UAF directory, not the Statewide directory, which will be published in a few months.  However, data for both directories is pulled from EDIR, the UA Enterprise directory, a Banner-fed searchable, online database, located at http://edir.alaska.edu. It is important that you update your information to ensure online and printed information is accurate. For both the Statewide and UAF directories, you'll only be listed if you have a phone number and/or physical address in EDIR.

For instructions on how to update information in EDIR, visit http://www.uaf.edu/directory/proof09/ or
http://www.alaska.edu/oit/training/Documentation.xml (scroll down to Enterprise Directory).

If you have trouble logging into EDIR contact the OIT Support Center at 450-8300, 800-478-8226 or helpdesk@alaska.edu.

This is your final opportunity to review the printed directory information for UAF. UAF expects distribution in October. For the Statewide directory produced by Public Affairs, which includes key listings from across all MAUs and more detailed listings for Statewide offices, you'll receive notices via email at a later date, as well as a story in the Statewide Voice.

Campus crisis communication

The SDBUTRO e-mail list has been added to the UAF-ALERT-L crisis communication distribution list. If you have opted out of the Butrovich e-mail list you will not receive these important crisis communication updates.

UA offers veterans residency status for tuition discount

The University of Alaska is now granting eligible veterans, their spouses and children in-state tuition at any of the UA system’s 16 campuses. The UA Board of Regents approved granting veterans residency for tuition purposes in June. Students accepting the benefit must move to Alaska and live here while taking classes. MORE...

UAF parking decal

For Statewide employees located in Fairbanks, it's once again time to renew your UAF parking decal. The 2009-2010 UAF Parking Decal Renewal form is available online at http://www.uaf.edu/parking/.

Please complete and submit your decal renewal form prior to the Aug. 15 deadline to ensure your decal is mailed directly to you. Drop off your form to either Parking Services’ office: 111 Eielson or 1855 Marika; mail to P.O. Box 757370; or send inter-campus mail to Box 7370.

If you have any questions, please call Parking Services at 474-PARK (7275) or email at fypark1@uaf.edu.

Statewide picnic August 19

The sun came out for the annual statewide staff picnic at the home of Mark and Patty Hamilton, and so did the smiles. Attendees participated in the games and entertainment with enthusiasm. The kids were enthralled by the Party Palace clown; the juggling team the Pinheads drew a big crowd and a lot of laughs; and bigger kids (youth and adults alike) had a great time with the sumo wrestling suits. The food, catered by Sockeye's, was excellent. Many thanks go out to the Hamiltons for another fabulous familly event. A web photo gallery of the picnic is online at http://www.alaska.edu/voice/Picnic/index.html

Flu Preparation

University of Alaska staff and health workers across the system are gearing up for flu season by planning, sharing information with each other and identifying actions that need to be done to be prepared. While the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services and the federal Centers for Disease Control are the lead public health agencies for H1N1 flu or other outbreaks, UA staff across the state, especially those who work with students, housing, campus health centers and first responders, are meeting regularly to ensure proper plans and processes are in place.  MORE....

Flu information Web sites:

UA System: http://flu.alaska.edu

UAA: http://www.uaa.alaska.edu/emergency/index.cfm

UAF: http://www.uaf.edu/alert/

UAS: http://www.uas.alaska.edu/facilities_services/safety/emer-mangt/plans/influenza/index.html

Save Yourself a Slip With Spare Spike Traction Devices

The season of snow and ice is coming and with it comes the slips, trips and falls. Statewide Risk Services will be giving away free Spare Spikes to provide extra traction. Also known as Spikies, Yaktrax and Get-A-Grips, Spare Spikes are rubber soles with carbide studs that slip on over your boots and shoes.

Spare Spikes are available to all Statewide employees, including temporary, part-time and student employees. Traction devices can be found at local sporting goods and fire safety stores for $20-$25. If you have received a pair of traction devices in previous years and they are still serviceable, please do not request another pair as supplies are limited.

Risk Services will send an e-mail to all Statewide employees when its order arrives, telling you how to request a free pair. There is a limited supply of traction devices available now for those of you who would like to get them early. Stop by and see Amaya Spencer in Suite 106, Butrovich Building, to get your pair today.

SAA News

Summary of the Aug. 12 meeting of the Statewide Administration Assembly, the governance group for Statewide employees. SAA's next meeting is set for Sept. 9, 2009. MORE....

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