TVC Video

TVC video joins YouTube ranks

Tanana Valley Campus Marketing and Community Relations manager Michelle Renfrew announced the completion of a new promotional video for TVC. The video has been sent to legislators, may be used for TV advertising and has been posted to YouTube.

The popular online video site is now host to hundreds of University of Alaska titles ranging from a promotional video and speeches by system president Mark Hamilton to student videos and individual campus marketing campaigns. The award winning “Do Something Major” ads can be found on YouTube along side of videos of hockey games and gymnastic meets.

Some of the videos are silly, such as a student film about how UAA can save the world from zombies, while others, such as a promotional video for aviation technology, utilize professional filming and cutting edge video production. UAA Chancellor Fran Ulmer is on YouTube getting her hybrid vehicle, and there are virtual tours of several campus capital projects including UAA’s Integrated Science Building and UAS’s Auke Lake project. A broad range of talent and inspiration is represented online for the University of Alaska and this new video is a very welcome addition.

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