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KUAC presents the premiere of statehood film

Mr. Alaska: Bob Bartlett Goes to Washington

Explore the life and times of Senator Edward Lewis “Bob” Bartlett as KUAC presents the premiere of Mr. Alaska: Bob Bartlett Goes to Washington in celebration of the 50th anniversary of statehood. With his horn-rimmed spectacles and plain speech, Bob Bartlett was Alaska’s face in Washington for two decades, but his story has largely been forgotten.

“KUAC is proud to produce this next chapter in the story of statehood and to once again be a part of Alaska history curricula throughout the state,” said Claudia Clark, executive producer and KUAC director of programming and production.

The documentary continues the narrative begun with KUAC’s Emmy-winning production of The 49th Star, which chronicles Alaska’s groundbreaking constitution and the grassroots efforts that led to Alaska becoming one of the United States of America. The program is funded by a wide range of sponsors, including New York Life, the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital and UA Eight Stars of Gold.

From his roots as a small-town reporter and gold miner to his position as Alaska’s Territorial Delegate, Bob Bartlett left a legacy matched by few; he helped create the very state he served. Clark said it's an honor to be trusted with telling Bob Bartlett's story. “We’re privileged to offer a chance for viewers to hear directly from many of the people who played key roles in Alaska's successful bid for statehood.”

Spanning gold stampedes, the state’s territorial days and even two World Wars, KUAC’s documentary Mr. Alaska: Bob Bartlett Goes to Washington airs on public television stations statewide Thursday, January 29, 2009 at 9 p.m.

Statehood Celebrations

Jack Coghill, Mary Nordale, Katie Hurley and Vic Fischer at the Bartlett KUAC preview.

On Friday, Jan. 9, 2009, the UAA Justice Center, American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska and the University of Alaska Eight Stars of Gold Project present a special evening event to celebrate 50 years of Alaska’s statehood and our unique Alaska Constitution.  The celebration will take place from 7 to 9 p.m. in the UAA Fine Arts Building, Room 150.  Simultaneous teleconference connections with Barrow, Bethel, Dillingham, Fairbanks, Homer, Juneau, Ketchikan, Kotzebue, Nome and Sitka will allow audience participation from around the state.  The Fairbanks teleconference will take place at
University of Alaska Fairbanks, Butrovich Building, Room 109.

The program includes a keynote address by Juneau Mayor and former Alaska Attorney General Bruce Botelho and a panel presentation, “At the Constitutional Convention,” with Vic Fischer, Katie Hurley, Arliss Sturgulewski and Douglas Pope.  Rhonda McBride will moderate the event.  The event will also feature performances by the Anchorage Concert Chorus, Lepquinm Gumilgit Gagoadim Tsimshian Dancers and readings from the Constitutional Convention by Bartlett High School students.  

The event is free and open to the public.

Parking on campus in cold weather

Parking Services would like to remind staff, faculty and students parking on  campus that when the temperature drops below -25 the headbolt heaters do not  cycle, but should remain on at all times. All motorists should have an  indicator light and check to make sure they have power when plugging in. If  the headbolt is not working, choose another parking space. Please also make  note of the number of the nonfunctional headbolt and alert parking services  by calling 474-7000. Parking Services also offers complimentary services  such as vehicle unlocks and jumpstarts.

Butrovich employees please note that several headbolt plug-ins are out of order and roped off. You can not plug in at those spaces.

Conference of Young Alaskans meets in Girdwood

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Alaska Statehood and to foster awareness and appreciation of our state’s history among the emerging leaders of Alaska, the University of Alaska has convened a second Conference of Young Alaskans this first week of January, 2009 in Girdwood. The conference again draws 55 delegates from across the state to consider the challenges facing Alaska and her people. Together, they are working to develop policy statements and proposed courses of action. The selected delegates represent the voice of Alaska’s next generation of leaders and the gathering demonstrates the potential and possibility of Alaskans putting aside their differences to work together for the common good.

360 North cameras will be there and will broadcast events Thursday and Friday (1/8-1/9) beginning at 9:00 am on their site www.360north.org.

Photo Credit: Shelly Wozniak/COYA

Regent's Recap now Online

Kevin Winker, museum ornithology curator, shows the bird collection to Regents Tim Brady, Mary Hughes and Cynthia Henry during a recent board event at the museum.

The Regents' Recap has gone digital.  In an effort to reduce cost and be more efficient, the Regents' Recap publication is now being produced as a web publication.  Past issues are still available as down loadable pdfs.  The link below will take to the latest edition featuring the sneak preview of the Bob Bartlet documentary, the dedication of  the new ornitholigy lab at the Museum of the North, election results and information from the last BOR meeting.


Alaska PFD Charitable Contributions

For the first time in the state's history, Alaskans can contribute to Alaska's nonprofits through the Permanent Fund Contribution Program. Alaskans applying online will have the opportunity to designate either a portion or all of their dividends to nonprofits, including the 16 campuses of the University of Alaska. If you  choose to benefit UA through the PFD program, please authorize the state to inform the UA Foundation of your gift, so we can appropriately acknowledge you.

To view the University's outreach efforts visit

Learn more about the PFD Charitable donation program at www.pickclickgive.org

Apply for your PFD online

Virus Outbreak Update

A computer virus that swept through Statewide before the holidays affected dozens of computers including the Office of the President, Human Resources, Finance and Cost Accounting. Although the source and intent of the virus is yet unknown, the impact has been largely felt here at Statewide where many machines have been infected. Efforts to clean and remove the virus are still ongoing. Before the break, OIT made sure the network ports that had infected machines on them were turned off to prevent further spreading of the virus.

OIT Desktop Support is currently working on collecting those machines identified to have the virus on them, and initiating a reload of the operating system.

They are working hard to get those machines backed up and reloaded as fast as possible.  With a lot of people gone for the break, OIT had to take many computers without the users' knowledge.  If you come in and your computer isn't around, don't fret– OIT probably has it.

OIT advises all employees receive antivirus definition updates. The Symantec AntiVirus program's virus definitions file should be dated within 1-3 days of today. If it is not, employees should contact the OIT Support Center by email or phone to restore this service. OIT reminds employees to regularly re-boot to process software updates.
If your workstation is infected and you are asked to power off your computer please notify the OIT Support Center by telephone at 450-8300 or toll-free 800-478-8226. Please explain what critical work deadlines you are facing so OIT technicians can restore productivity in the sequence needed. Do not turn your computer back on until it has been cleaned by an OIT Desktop Technician.

Give the help desk a call at 907-450-8300 to get a status update/ticket # for your computer.

Notes for the computer rebuilds:

    1. OIT will Backup the computer and keep the images.
    2. OIT will rebuild the computer and reconfigure their email settings etc for use by the customer.
    3. OIT will NOT restore user data from the backup as they have no way of confirming that the data is safe (yet).  OIT will retain the backups in hopes that they will have this capability someday soon.
    4.  OIT will work on critical department machines first- SW HR, SW Cost Accounting and SW Finance. The bulk of the machines hit are in these departments, so we will be unable to get them all operational at the same time. 


Holiday Food and Gift Drives

This holiday season the Statewide Administration Assembly coordinated charitable giving drives for the Rescue Mission, Foodbank, and the Love INC Adopt-A-Family program.  These projects would not have been successful without the generous outpouring of support from a large number of statewide employees.

Thank you to the Statewide staff for the abundance of gifts received for the Mission’s residents, both adults and children.  The Fairbanks Rescue Mission exists to service Christ and the community by addressing the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, and social well-being of all those whom God brings to their doors.  Many come with very limited resources.  December of 2007 was the first year that SAA sponsored this selfless cause, it was such a great success, that it was requested to be done again for December 2008.  Statewide staff contributed clothes, coats, boots, socks, slippers, undergarments, hats, an assortment of personal hygiene items, puzzles, activity books and more!  To find options for assistance throughout the year, please visit: http://fairbanksrescuemission.org/

The food drive was held simultaneously in Anchorage and Fairbanks.  Lisa Sporleder coordinated the drive in Fairbanks with help from DeShana York in Anchorage.  We may not have set any records, but we certainly helped many families who needed a bit of food assistance over the holidays. The total poundage from Anchorage was 143. David Rohwer and Lisa Sporleder delivered 449 pounds of food to the Fairbanks Community Food Bank Service. 

Included in that total were about 80 orphaned coffee mugs that were filled with a candy cane, cocoa, chocolates, and then dressed up with colorful wrap and a ribbon.  Many thanks to OIT students Melissa Trubacz and Rocki Hanscom, who filled and wrapped most of the mugs.  The Food Bank personnel were delighted to see them!  They remembered receiving mugs from us last year and said they had great fun pairing each one with an appropriate food box recipient.  Looks like we will be making Christmas mugs an annual event!


Statewide employees adopted two families this year for Love INC’s Adopt-A-Family program. One family consisted of a single mother with three young girls and the other family included a mother, father and two young girls who had just spent everything to come to Fairbanks and needed some help through the holiday season. The outpouring was so significant that a special delivery of large donations had to be arranged for the first family.  
Paloma Harbour would like to extend a thank you to all for their contributions of time, money and items. “It really blessed my heart to see the generosity and care of everyone,” she says.  She also gives special thanks to Betty and Ron Dupee who provided the service of their truck, trailer and arms and backs for all the deliveries and pickups, Margie Schwartz who for all intents and purposes really served as a co-coordinator of this year’s drive, the wrapping angels, without whom she would have been here a week trying to get the job done  and those who provided their muscles in the loading of the truck for the deliveries.

Thanks again for all those who participated in the charitable drives this year.  Your thoughtfulness made this holiday season brighter for those in need and is appreciated more than you could ever know.

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