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Types of Phones & Fees

Prices below are effective July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014 (FY14)

All telephones listed here will be continuously stocked. Additions and improvements in technology will be added as they appear or as merit warrants. For questions about any telephone listed here, please contact the OIT Support Center at (907) 450-8300.

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VoIP Phones

VoIP 2-Line GB Phone  $289/Year

VoIP 6-Line GB Phone  $318/Year


Please visit our VoIP Project Page for more information.

Analog (Single Line) Telephones

These models are known as the "plain old telephone". They can be plugged into a modem, and used with an answering machine or voice recorder. 

Analog Line Only
  • Customer-owned telephone
  • Fax line
  • Analog line supplied by UAF; telephone supplied by the customer
  • Voice mail compatible

Model 2500 Analog Phone
Basic 2500 Style Analog Telephone
  • Basic analog telephone
  • Ability to have voice mail
  • Dialed codes to access features
  • No message light, instead voice mail indicated with interrupted dial tone.
  • Okay to share with modem
  • In-stock

    Model 2554 Analog Wall Phone
    2554 Analog Wall Phone
  • This is the wall version of Model 2500
  • In-stock

    Model M8004 Analog Phone
    Meridian 8004 Analog Telephone
  • Voice mail phone
  • Red message light
  • Feature buttons for transfer, mute, and redial
  • Ring volume adjustment
  • Okay to share with modem
  • In-stock with voice mail at most campus locations
    Models M3902/M8314 Analog Speaker Phones

    With or without digital display, for the same price!
    Meridian M8314 Analog Telephone
  • Speaker phone
  • Large speed dial built-in
  • Red message light
  • User programmable auto-dial keys
  • Okay to share with modem
  • NOTE: Does not display calls or callers names.
  • In-stock with voice mail at most campus locations
    Headsets {short description of image} {short description of image}
  • Plantronics
  • NEW combination model! Converts to either over the head or ear.

  • NOTE: We do not stock cordless headsets.
  • For all phone types
    Analog or Digital

    Digital (Multi-line) Telephones

    Digital telephones are the workhorses of the business world. They are the sets with programmable keys that make use of the telephone features quick and easy. Be advised they are not compatible with answering machines or other devices.

    The 2006 Digital Telephone has been phased out. Model M2006 No longer available for installation. Existing units will be supported and repaired. PHASED OUT

    Model 3902 Digital Telephone

    Additional features replace Model M2006 Digital or Model 8314 Analog
  • Replaces the 2006 single line digital phone
  • Full digital display
  • Full speakerphone
  • Red message light
  • Single line only
  • Good alternative to the brown phone!
  • In-stock

    Model 2008 Digital Telephone M2008 Phone
  • Digital phone
  • 8 lines
  • LCD display
  • Red light for voice mail
  • Full feature keys
  • Speakerphone option
  • In-stock

    Model 2616 Digital Telephone M2616 with display
  • Sixteen line digital
  • LCD display and speakerphone included
  • Can be expanded by adding 22-button add-on module
  • Red message light
  • Full feature keys

  • In-stock

    22-Button Module {short description of image}
  • 22 additional keys for Model 2616
  • Convenient add-on model
  • Several can be installed
  • In-stock

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