HR Consultant

Download the entire HR Manual, or select a section out of the quick reference guide below.

The general navigation page is where you will find information needed to navigate MyUA.

Quick Guides

Accessing MyUA

Recruiter Dashboard

Recruiter Side Menu

This is where you will find guides and videos pertaining to the process of creating a position description.

Quick Guides

Creating a new Position Description and viewing Position Descriptions

Creating a Position Description - Field Explanation

Recording Hold Days against a job

Approving a PD (HR)



This page is where you will find information pertaining to the job card and the requisition process.

Quick Guides

Creating a recruitment/requisition

Creating a requisition - Field explanation

Sourcing a requisition (HR Only)

Approving a job


This is where all of the materials pertaining to the offer and the offer process are housed.

Quick Guides

Making an offer

Generating an offer letter

Putting the offer letter online

Closing the job (HR Only)

Special Conditions Offer


The videos are not as comprehensive as the quick guides, it is beneficial to read the guides and as well as watching the videos.