Chapter 10.09 – Endowment for the Physical Sciences

Chapter 10.09 – Endowment for the Physical Sciences

P10.09.010. Establishment of the Sydney Chapman Chair in Physical Sciences at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

  1. The board establishes the Sydney Chapman Chair in Physical Sciences at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, the support of which is governed by AS 14.40.282 and subsequent capital appropriations and private funds. This chair is established further to enhance the quality of teaching and research in areas of the physical sciences that are of special interest to the north. Appointments to this chair will honor and acknowledge the contributions of distinguished physical scientists.
  2. Appointments to the Sydney Chapman Chair will be term appointments subject to regents’ policy, university regulation, and rules and procedures governing faculty appointments at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The appointments may be renewable.
  3. Appointees to the chair will be distinguished physical scientists characterized primarily by their ability to discover and publicize new knowledge, and who have demonstrated ability and willingness to share this knowledge with students and colleagues through teaching and seminars. The appointees should also be able to stimulate students and colleagues to strive for excellence in their own scientific efforts.
  4. Verification of these characteristics will include acclaim by peers at the national and international level, professional awards and honors, editorial duties with prestigious scientific journals, and membership on important scientific committees. Both the quality and quantity of refereed publications will be considered in the selection.
  5. Appointments to this chair will be approved in advance by the board following nomination and screening procedures by the faculty of physical sciences.
  6. The endowment principal and related income account are to be managed and invested, in trust, by the University of Alaska Foundation in accordance with foundation policies and procedures. The foundation is requested:
    1. to set aside in an income account, all the spendable earnings, as defined by the Foundation's investment policy, on the endowment principal for expenditures in support of the chair as proposed by the chancellor and approved by the president; and
    2. to report to the board the amount of the endowment principal and its projected earnings whenever the board is requested to make another appointment to the Sydney Chapman Chair.