Chapter 10.08 – Equal Educational Opportunity and Nondiscrimination

Chapter 10.08 - Equal Educational Opportunity and Nondiscrimination

P10.08.010. Equal Educational Opportunity.

  1. The University of Alaska is committed to establishing equal educational opportunity, to opposing and prohibiting illegal discrimination in the provision of educational opportunities, and to eliminating illegal discriminatory educational practices. All academic decisions, including those affecting educational programs and activities available to a student, will be based on the student's qualifications, abilities, and performance, as appropriate. All academic decisions will conform with requirements of state and federal laws and regulations pertaining to non-discrimination and equal educational opportunity.
  2. The chancellors will be responsible for implementing this policy at their respective MAUs by developing programs to establish educational equity and equal educational opportunity. 


P10.08.020. Selection of Textbooks and Educational Materials

Faculty will select textbooks and other educational material on the basis of educational soundness and relationship to the subject material. Faculty will avoid material reflecting bias toward or against any person or group of persons based on their sex or protected status unless an explicit educational objective would require its use. This policy does not prohibit the use of literary and other creative works for instructional purposes, nor is it intended to restrict the acquisition of materials for library holdings