Chapter 09.10 - Student Financial Aid

Chapter 09.10 – Student Financial Aid

P09.10.010. General Statement: Student Financial Aid.

The University of Alaska strives to make accessible to all students financial aid information and financial aid advising, thereby enhancing the ability of students to meet their educational goals. The university will administer financial aid programs in compliance with applicable law and professional standards.


P09.10.020. Scope of Financial Aid.

Each MAU will determine the financial aid programs appropriate for that MAU’s participation. The financial aid staff at each MAU shall coordinate with Statewide and MAU development professionals and enrollment officers to enhance student scholarship programs.


P09.10.030. Financial Aid Procedure Development.

  1. Where appropriate and feasible, common procedures for the administration of financial aid may be established in university regulation. Each MAU financial aid office shall establish written procedures for the administration of financial aid programs consistent with university regulation and applicable law. 
  2. The university financial aid offices will work collaboratively to develop and maintain a consistent and standard Satisfactory Academic Progress criteria that is in compliance with applicable law. 
  3. The financial aid offices will work to share computer technology and information in order to best serve students. These offices will work with the statewide student services office to develop consistent codes for use in the University Student Information System. 
  4. Except as otherwise required by law or as specifically provided in university regulation, loan servicing, including default and collection, shall be the responsibility of the lender. Where university participation in default and collection procedures is required by applicable law, procedures will be established in university regulation. 
  5. In determining eligibility for financial aid, financial aid administrators may document and take into account special circumstances of individual students as permitted by applicable law, such as The Higher Education Act of 1965, Sec. 479A. 
  6. Requirements for student reporting and MAU coordination of financial aid awards shall be established in university regulation.