Chapter 09.09 - Recreational and Intercollegiate Athletics

Chapter 09.09 - Recreational and Intercollegiate Athletics

P09.09.010. General Statement: Recreational and Intercollegiate Athletics.

The University of Alaska will support opportunities for students to participate in recreational and intercollegiate athletics. Each MAU will determine a level of support for such activities that is consistent with the MAU’s mission and within the limits of its facilities, resources, and personnel. While opportunities may be made available to the total campus community, priority will be given to student participants.


P09.09.020. Recreational Activities.

The university will encourage recreational activities by providing facility use within the limits of facility availability, resources, and personnel.


P09.09.021. Intramural Sports.

The university will encourage the development of campus intramural athletics that allow competition among student and faculty-staff groups. Students should play a primary role in the selection and management of intramural activities.


P09.09.022. Extramural Sports.

The university may establish and sponsor teams in organized competitive programs outside of the campus, such as with city leagues, church leagues, inter-school competition, and organized tournaments. Preference for participation on these teams will be given to students. University facilities may be used on a space available basis for extramural athletics.


P09.09.023. Intercollegiate Athletics. 

  1. Intercollegiate sports organized to provide competitive opportunities for student athletes will be operated under MAU control, with academic and financial integrity, and in compliance with applicable athletic organization rules. 
  2. Sports authorized for intercollegiate competition are:
    1. Basketball
    2. Cross-country Running
    3. Gymnastics
    4.  Ice Hockey
    5.  Riflery
    6.  Skiing - Nordic and Alpine
    7.  Swimming and Diving
    8.  Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field
    9.  Volleyball.
  3. Amendments to the list in B. of this section must be approved by the board.
  4. The intercollegiate teams of the university will compete at a national organizational classification level commensurate with available funding, facilities, and skill levels of the athletes. Requests for membership in a particular organization and change in the approved classification level of competition will originate at the MAU, and must be approved by the board.
  5. Participation by Alaskan athletes will be encouraged through active recruitment of Alaskans who are capable of athletic performance at the designated level of competition. 
  6. In order to participate in intercollegiate athletics, a student must:
    1. meet the standards set by the appropriate national athletic organization; and 
    2. meet the academic standards as established by the appropriate MAU.
  7. A "common opponents" philosophy will be utilized where possible within conference structure and scheduling to allow more than one campus to engage a visiting team during its travel in the state.


P09.09.030. Sources of Funding for Athletics.

The support of athletic program expenses by local private sources such as booster clubs or individuals, or supplementary activities may be encouraged, but such support must be made through MAU accounting systems and will be subject to university accounting procedures, review, and audit.


P09.09.040. Nondiscrimination and Gender Equity.

Each chancellor shall ensure compliance with applicable state and federal law, including nondiscrimination and gender equity.