Chapter 05.19 - Miscellaneous Provisions

Chapter 05.19 - Miscellaneous Provisions

R05.19.010. Employee Financial Obligations to University.

  1. It shall be a condition of employment and of continuing employment with the university that acceptable arrangements be made for payment of the employee's financial obligations to the university. 
  2. The university shall notify the employee in writing of the amount of the obligation claimed, and request the employee to make acceptable arrangements for payment within thirty (30) calendar days. The employee may file a grievance disputing the correctness of the amount of the obligation claimed by the university. 
  3. Failure to make acceptable arrangements for paying the obligations within thirty (30) calendar days of the written notification, or subsequent failure to live up to such arrangements, shall constitute just cause for termination of employment. 
  4. By accepting employment or continuing employment with the university, all employees are deemed to have authorized the deduction, from their final checks for salary and benefits, of any amount owed to the university by the employee.