Chapter 04.11 - Collective Bargaining

Chapter 04.11 - Collective Bargaining

P04.11.010. Recognition of Collective Bargaining Agents.

  1. Agents will not voluntarily be recognized for purposes of collective bargaining with employees of the university unless they seek to represent bargaining units that: 
    1. are statewide in scope; 
    2. do not violate the standards set by state law; and 
    3. contain as large a number of employees as possible. 
  2. The board favors recognition only of collective bargaining agents that are representative of suitable and appropriate bargaining units. The president shall determine what bargaining units conform to this policy and may recognize representative bargaining agents as exclusive bargaining agents for purposes of collective bargaining.


P04.11.020. Exclusions and Agreements.

  1. Personnel represented by a recognized exclusive collective bargaining agent will not be included in pay increases, but will receive changes in their compensation and benefits as provided by the collective bargaining process. 
  2. No collective bargaining agreement shall be binding upon the board without prior approval of the entire agreement by the board.