Chapter 02.08 - Alumni

Chapter 02.08 - Alumni


P02.08.010. Alumni Associations.

  1. The board shall promote the establishment of campus-specific alumni associations. Board action shall be required for each alumni association to be officially recognized. 
  2. An officially recognized alumni association shall cooperate closely with the appropriate campus executive officer to further the campus' interests.
  3. Each campus executive officer with an alumni association will be encouraged to have alumni representation on various campus groups, for example the budget team and search committees for key executive positions. 
  4. An alumni association shall negotiate the appropriate level of administrative and program assistance with the cognizant campus executive officer. 
  5. The university will strive to maintain current address records for graduates of all units of the system. 
  6. An officially recognized alumni association may seek its own tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, but if it does so, it is responsible for appropriate reporting to the Internal Revenue Service. Campus business offices and the statewide accounting office will provide assistance to the extent practicable. 
  7. An alumni association will budget, in consultation with the appropriate campus officer, contributions received to benefit the university or promote association activities. Restricted contributions will be spent in accordance with agreements with the donor. Funds given to benefit the university will be approved in accordance with procedures established concerning gifts to the university. 
  8. If a university employee is involved in requesting, handling, or accounting for any association funds, that association's funds must be deposited with the university in accordance with university regulation. 
  9. Board members of officially recognized alumni associations, acting on behalf of their associations, will be indemnified in accordance with Regents’ policy. 
  10. The board supports the Alumni Network consisting of a voluntary representative from each campus-specific alumni organization. This network serves as a link to the statewide administration on appropriate alumni issues.