Office of Strategy, Planning, and Budget

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Statewide Budget, Institutional Research and Analysis

Mailing Address: PO BOX 755260, Fairbanks, AK 99775-5260
Physical Address: 910 Yukon Drive, Ste 206, Fairbanks, AK 99775-5260
Main Phone: 907-450-8191
Fax: 907-450-8181

Departmental email:

Butrovich email:

Rizk, Michelle 

Chief Strategy, Planning, and
Budget Officer

Christensen, Chris Associate Vice President,
State Relations
Gruenig, Gwendolyn Associate Vice President,
(Vacant) Administrative Coordinator


Land Management Contact Link:


Statewide Facilities:


Nelson, Tim

Facilities Planning Manager 786-7786

Statewide Institutional Research and Analysis:

Campbell, Mike

Database Specialist


Collins, Cindy Director 450-8183
Ott, Kelly Research Associate 450-8179
Virgo, Stephanie Research Technician 450-8193
(Vacant) Compliance Reporting Analyst    


P-20W SLDS Analyst    
(Vacant) Policy Analyst    
(Vacant) Research Assistant    
(Vacant) Research Assistant    
(Vacant) Temporary Technical    
Statewide Budget:
Johnson, Eric Senior Budget Analyst
Kruckenberg, Alesia Manager 450-8426
Pederson, Diane Budget Analyst 450-8182
(Vacant) Student Assistant    
(Vacant) Student Assistant    


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