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2015 Session & Budget Information

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The Board of Regents’ proposed FY16 operating and capital budgets were developed during the summer and fall of 2014, prior to the precipitous drop in oil prices and the call by Governor Walker for state agencies to submit budget adjustments containing significant cost reductions. This proposal, while modest, is unfortunately not compatible with the revenue constraints that the state faces at this time. We will update operating and capital budget information as we learn the details of the governor’s revised budget proposals, and as the legislature works to enact operating and capital budgets over the next three months.

Powerpoint given to the House Finance Committe on January 29 providing an overview of the current budget situation.

FY2016 Budget information

This memo and backup materials were sent by President Gamble in response to Governor Walker’s call for state agencies and the University to submit budget adjustments reflecting 5% and 8% reduction scenarios. It provides context on what we have done and will continue to do to manage budget challenges and provides a sample of some of our recent achievements. At the same time, it acknowledges the critical work ahead to ensure we maintain a strong university by preserving our core.

Compares the University General Fund (UGF) amounts in the Board of Regents (BOR), Work in progress (WIP) & Governor's budgets.

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