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  • K-12 Office Staff

    K-12 Office Staff

  • Drying Seal Hide

    Drying Seal Hide

  • 2015-16 Mentors

    2015-16 Mentors

  • Old Fishracks

    Old Fishracks

  • Rock Reinforcement, Shishmaref

    Rock Reinforcement, Shishmaref

  • ATP Advertisement

    ATP Advertisement

  • Mentors at Work

    Mentors at Work

  • Two Girls in their Village

    Two Girls in their Village

  • Students Speaking

    Students Speaking

  • High School Science Class

    High School Science Class

  • 2016 Northwest Arctic Borough School District FEA Charter

    2016 Northwest Arctic Borough School District FEA Charter

  • ATP Job Fair

    ATP Job Fair

  • Boys Disecting Owl Pellets

    Boys Disecting Owl Pellets

  • Snow Covered Village School

    Snow Covered Village School

  • ATP Job Fair

    ATP Job Fair

University of Alaska’s K-12 Outreach is committed to quality education and learning for all Alaska’s students, teachers and district personnel. We facilitate best practices classroom instruction including place-based culturally relevant data driven content. We offer support, guidance and resources for PreK through college educational communities working towards teacher recruitment and retention. Through collaboration and dialogue with stakeholders we achieve excellence in education at the University, District and local levels.

Alaska Statewide Mentor Project (ASMP)

The Alaska Statewide Mentor Project exists to lift up and support the profession of teaching in Alaska. The project provides individualized support to first- and second-year teachers, developing an effective teaching force that is responsive to the diverse academic needs and cultural backgrounds of all students. For more information, go to the ASMP website.

"I feel that I am better prepared to begin next year with a classroom that is designed to help all students learn successfully in an engaging and culturally responsive environment."

— First year ECT 2015

Alaska Teacher Placement (ATP)

Alaska Teacher Placement is a clearinghouse for educators looking to work in Alaska. We provide an  online application system and online job bank that is state wide. We also host online resources for teachers to learn about Alaska and our unique communities. ATP works with all 54 of Alaska's public school districts and several educational agencies to recruit teachers for our state. We host Alaska-school-district-only job fairs, provide virtual chats and job fairs, and recruit across the nation to help fill the over 1,000 teaching openings our state has each year. For more information, go to the ATP website.

"A great source of information if you are looking for education related position in Alaska."
                                 — Sondra Meredith, Department of Education and Early Development

Future Educators of Alaska (FEA)

FEA is a statewide collaborative effort to inspire and support Alaska Native and rural K-12 students to go into the education profession. The fostering of prospective Alaska Native teachers and administrators involves a partnership among teachers, communities, school districts, University of Alaska campuses and more. Funded by the Department of Education since 2003, FEA has worked with eighteen partner and affiliate school districts and schools to establish over 50 FEA clubs across Alaska. Most recently, our program name has changed from Future Teachers of Alaska to Future Educators of Alaska to be more encompassing to the many careers in education. For more information, visit the FEA website.

“FEA has made me think more seriously about how important having a career set in mind before graduation is, how important being an educator is, and how much impact educators have on students. These things I never would have thought before joining FEA.  It has inspired me to take on responsibilities that I deeply know inside I can take care of, and has made me confident about it. Before FEA I used to be a follower, but now it inspires me to become a leader.

— Karri Montero Ketchikan High School Student

Raising Educational Achievement through Cultural Heritage (REACH and REACH Up)

Native students and their teachers with accurate, culturally-relevant science curriculum, that improves student achievement on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) assessments, and trains Native youth to propose solutions to local climate change problems. For more information, visit the REACH REACHUp website.

“I really appreciate the REACH program, and have seen many ways that the classes, workshops, and culture camp have improved my teaching and my students learning. Thank you for all your hard work and support!”

— Participating REACH Teacher

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