Project Management Office

IT Project Lifecycle

Phase A


The Information Technology Executive Council (ITEC) looks for proposals that align with the Board of Regents' values and goals and assess projects ideas submitted by UA councils, administrations or the public on the grounds of the Project Definition. ITEC determines if a systemwide project should proceed and assigns its initial priority and identifies an ITEC advocate, project manager(s) and a team for the project.

Phase B

Initiate and Plan

The project team creates a list of recommendations based upon the development cost, total cost, risk and business process of the initiative to ITEC. ITEC then reviews the project for strategic direction and approves, defers or rejects the team recommendations. ITEC then reallocates resources to support priority projects.

Phase C

Execute, Monitor, and Control

ITEC appoints project managers and teams to implement the project, schedule resources and control risks. The project team tests products related to the project and further develops their plans. The team works with staff and technology trainers to develop and review systemwide training plans. ITEC continues to monitor the project and informs stakeholders of progress.

Phase D


The team completes their project and hands it off to operations. The Project team is recognized for their work and is then disbanded. The System and campuses advertise the new service to the UA community.

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