AK INBRE Graduate and Doctoral Fellowship Award Recipients 2012

AK INBRE Graduate Research Fellowship 2012-2013

Applicant                Project Title                                                                            Campus   Sponsor
Dainowski, BonitaValidating Keratin and Bone-based Tissues as Bioaccumulation Markers of THg  UAFO'Hara
Dwyer, GaelenIqmik-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition in Human gingival epithelium  UAAKnall
 Johansen, SaraIsoflurane influence on CO2 sensitive and insensitive raphe neurons  UAF Harris
 Quinlan, BrianHost-Gut Microbe Interactions in Arctic Ground Squirrels: Implication for Obesity  UAA Duddleston
Shedd, KyleTrophic patterns of mercury concentration in a nonana dromous aquatic ecosystem  UAA von Hippel
 Willacker, JamesMechanisms of sexual differentiation in mercury concentrations of stickleback  UAA von Hippel

Doctoral Research Fellowship Award 2012-2014

ApplicantProject Title CampusSponsor
Harley, JohnToxigenomics of mercury metabolism in fish consuming mammalsUAFO'Hara

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