Tax-deferred Annuity

All University of Alaska employees, including students, adjuncts and other part-time workers, are eligible to participate in a tax-deferred annuity (IRS Section 403(b) plan). A tax-deferred annuity (TDA) offers employees the opportunity to make tax-deferred contributions into a supplemental retirement account. When combined with other retirement programs, a tax-deferred annuity enhances your ability to provide a solid financial foundation for retirement years.

403 (b) (TDA) Plan Document

IRS Information on TDAs - Publication 571 (off-site)

Maximum Allowable Contribution

The Internal Revenue Service places limits on the maximum allowable contributions to a tax-deferred annuity. The participant is urged to seek appropriate advice prior to electing to participate. The amount of allowable contributions and additional information about tax-deferred annuities are contained in the Tax-Deferred Annuity Salary Reduction Agreement Form (pdf).

If you wish to participate in a tax-deferred annuity, you must establish a 403(b) account with an eligible TDA vendor and complete a Tax Deferred Annuity Salary Reduction Agreement Form. Additional information is available through your regional human resources office.
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