Long-term Disability

Who is eligible?
If you are an active regular or term-funded employee working at least 20 hours a week, you are eligible for long-term disability coverage. Your eligibility begins on the first day of the month following the day you are hired. Disabilities resulting from pregnancy are covered on the same basis as an illness or injury.

How is disability defined?
During the first 36 months, disability means that you unable to perform with reasonable continuity the essential functions of your own occupation. After you receive long-term disability benefits for 36 months, you are considered disabled if you are unable to perform the essential functions of any gainful occupation for which you are qualified by education, experience or training.

When do the benefits begin?
The long-term disability benefits start after you have been disabled for the longer of these qualifying periods:

  • 90 days
  • The duration of your accumulated sick leave plus any leave benefits from a leave share program.

If you are able to return to work in some capacity, you may still be eligible for rehabilitation benefits.


What income would I receive?

That depends on your monthly earnings at the time you are disabled. The maximum monthly benefit is the lesser of 60 percent of your monthly earnings or $3,000. The maximum disability benefit is reduced by benefits you receive from other sources.

For more details, check out the The Handbook (pdf) or the Longterm Disability Plan Document, which is available in your regional human resource office.

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