Employee Assistance Program

When can I call?
You or your eligible family members may contact ComPsych® directly 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at (866) 465-8934 or use the TDD at (800) 697-0353. Telephone or in-person consultations will be set up for program participants at their convenience, depending on the type of need or problem.

How much does it cost?
For most types of problems, you and your eligible dependents are entitled to receive up to six counseling sessions per topic. All charges for the EAP have been prepaid by the University of Alaska. There are no co-payments or fees, but if you are referred to additional resources for help, their charges, if not covered by the health plan, may be your responsibility. You may check with your regional human resources office for coverage issues.

Who helps me?
All EAP advisors are fully qualified in their area of service. The program’s staff includes experienced clinicians, work-life specialists, attorneys and financial professionals. Your identity, as well as any information revealed to EAP staff, is held in the strictest confidence as required by law.

What do I expect when I call?
You will be asked to describe what’s happening that’s causing you concern. The intake worker will assist you in developing a plan to deal with the situation. This may consist of scheduling a face-to-face assessment or, in the case of an emergency, offering you assistance right over the phone.


What about legal issues?
You may receive access to legal information via a telephone consultation. If you require representation, you can be referred to a qualified attorney in your area for a free 30-minute consultation with a 25 percent reduction in customary legal fees thereafter. Call anytime with issues including divorce and family law, bankruptcy, civil lawsuits, criminal actions and contracts.

What kind of help can I get with financial questions?
Financial professionals will discuss concerns and provide you with the tools and information you need to address your finances, including getting out of debt, retirement planning, credit card or loan problems, saving for college, tax questions and estate planning.

What kind of help can I get for work-life needs?
If you need help finding child or elder care in your area, planning for college, buying a car or a myriad of other issues, work-life specialists will help you sort out the issues and provide information with helpful resources and information. You will receive a personalized reference package containing helpful resources.

What kind of help can I find online?
GuidanceResources® Online provides in-depth information on help sheets on a variety of topics, including personal and family concerns and legal and financial matters. You may also search for lawyers with particular specialties and child and elder care in your area. For first-time users, select "I am a first-time user" to set up an account.  The "company ID" required to sign in is GC5901Q.

Who can answer other questions about the program?
Contact your regional human resources office for further information about the Employee Assistance Program.

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