Summit Team Expansion

Expanded Summit Team and new system-wide councils will enhance communications

Effective July 1, President Johnsen expanded the Summit Team, the university’s core leadership group, and established new or expanded system-wide councils with clear communications links to the Summit Team.

The Summit Team now includes leaders of key functional areas throughout the university system, chairs of system governance bodies and the chair of each system-wide council. Led by President Johnsen, the expanded Summit Team will meet monthly for four hours via video and twice annually for full day face-to-face meetings. Increased participation on the Summit Team will enhance communications, collaboration and raise awareness of successes and challenges throughout the system.

The previously-held decision making authority of the smaller Summit Team will transfer to the Executive Council, also chaired by President Johnsen, which includes the chancellors, vice president for university relations and vice president for academic and student affairs. They will meet weekly via video.

The new system-wide councils will play a critical role in collaborative and aligned development of the policies, programs and processes necessary to meet the state’s higher education needs. This work is especially important now given our accountability to address Alaska’s large educational attainment gap during difficult fiscal conditions.

In most cases, these councils replace existing system-wide councils. Councils may establish standing committees or sub-councils as appropriate. They will meet at least monthly via telephone and/or video and twice annually face-to-face. Each council shall present its draft charter to the president no later than September 1 for review by Summit Team. Some councils will be responsible for overseeing planning and implementation of Strategic Pathways directions and may be expected to provide additional work products as directed by Phases 1 and 2 of Strategic Pathways.

Council chairs will oversee formation of council charters, ensure that system-wide priorities are implemented in a collaborative and coordinated manner, communicate with the Summit Team and escalate appropriate issues to the Executive Council and President Johnsen. The chair of each system-wide governance group may serve on any of the councils. Additional council members may be added by request of the council chair with approval by President Johnsen.

For more information visit http://www.alaska.edu/pres/summit-team/.

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