2016 Service Awards

SAA president Eric Johnsen officiated the event. Photo by Monique Musick

On April 25 Statewide staff gathered to recognize employees who have reached an employment milestone – 5-, 10-, 15-, 20- or 25-years of service – during 2016 and to present the 2016 Outstanding Employees and Department awards.

The event was coordinated by the Statewide Administration Assembly who provided snacks and treats for the event, with assistance and award funding from the Office of the President and Human Resources, and door prizes from the UA Foundation, Office of Public Affairs, UA College Savings Plan, UAA Athletics, UAA Planetarium, UAF Athletics, UAF DRAW and UAF Office of the Bursar.

President Johnsen addresses the crowd for the 2016 Service Awards
For five years of service employees receive an engraved nameplate

Five Year Service Awards

  • Heather Arana
  • Matt Cooper
  • Teri Cothren
  • Niki Countryman
  • Wei Guo
  • Tom Langdon
  • Kristopher Larson
  • Elizabeth Lilly
  • Harry Need
  • Matthew Shiffler
  • James Thomas
For ten years of service employees receive an engraved ulu.

Ten Year Service Awards

  • Sheri Billiot
  • Cara Brunk
  • Debbie Carlson
  • Linda Hall
  • Karesa Kramer
  • Sacha Layos
  • Oscar Martinez
  • Lael Oldmixon
  • Kelly Ott
  • Beth Singer
  • Linda Taylor Toth
  • Fred Villa
  • Amanda Watt
  • Patricia Wilson
For fifteen years of service employees receive an engraved clock.

Fifteen Year Service Awards

  • Allan Anderson
  • Mike Brase
  • Mary Gower
  • Alesia Kruckenberg
  • Collin Lichtenberger
  • Larry McGrady
  • Margie Schwartz
  • Nathan Zierfuss-Hubbard
Shawn Armstong, recognized for twenty years of service, donated his recognition award value to scholarships.

Twenty Year Service Award

  • Shawn Armstrong
Brad Bodde, twenty five years of service, donated his award to scholarships. Laura Morisky received art in recognition of her twenty five years of service.

Twenty-five Year Service Awards

  • Brad Bodde
  • Laura Morisky

Congratulations to the Outstanding Employees and Department of 2016

The Outstanding Statewide Staff for 2016 is Travis Payton
The Outstanding Statewide Student Employee for 2016 is Elizabeth Hinkey
The Outstanding Department Award for 2016 goes to OIT Service Desk
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