New program for reporting Accidents and Unsafe Conditions

The University is committed to maintaining a safe environment that will encourage and enhance the experiences of each person who steps onto one of our campuses. An important part of improving safety is quickly identifying and responding to incidents or unsafe conditions. A new online incident reporting system, Origami Risk, has been designed to make reporting easy and simple for all employees and students.

An “incident” is an injury, damaged property or damage to vehicles. Examples of “unsafe conditions” include damaged walking surfaces, broken hand rails, inadequate lighting in common areas and even fire hazards, to name a few. Employees and students can actively participate in keeping our campus communities safe by reporting injuries, non-emergency damages, or potential hazards.

Online incident reporting allows for faster, easier reporting, and replacing paper forms, postage, or intercampus delivery with online reporting provides a more sustainable solution for paper waste and storage. You’ll be able to make immediate reports via your PC, Mac, tablet, or smart phone, and even take a picture and submit it online by logging in with your UA credentials. Electronic submissions can be handled more rapidly, providing better customer service for worker’s compensation and general insurance claims.

Electronic reporting allows campus Environmental, Health & Safety departments to be notified as soon as an incident report is submitted, speeding up the investigation and response process. Cost savings come not only from a less time-consuming and paper-free process, but also from improved loss prevention resulting from early identification and investigation of incidents.

Online incident reporting supports the theme, “Accountability to the People of Alaska” in the UA’s strategic plan, Shaping Alaska’s Future. Ease of reporting, better customer service, and sustainable paperless processes all contribute to good stewardship of our human and financial resources.

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