University Concludes First Climate Survey

The University of Alaska successfully completed its first system-wide Climate Survey to study perceptions of sexual misconduct on campuses and in the lives of students, staff and faculty. The survey is a tool to inform UA about the current climate towards sexual misconduct and assess how well Title IX programs are working and where improvement is needed. In 2014 Title IX, the federal law responsible for addressing discrimination based on gender on college and university campuses, mandated that schools conduct climate surveys cyclically.

UA sent a total of 15,000 electronic surveys to a random sample of university students and employees March 2. About one in ten (7.3%) responded to the voluntary and anonymous survey, which was in the range expected.

This survey collected valuable information that was not available otherwise. UA wishes to thank everyone who took the time to participate in the Climate Survey and help the UA achieve its commitment to develop an environment free from sexual harassment and violence.

A survey of this nature is highly sensitive and relies on participants trusting that their individual responses will remain anonymous and confidential. The anonymous survey responses are being aggregated and analyzed now, to determine the best way to aggregate the data in a way that meets the ultimate purpose of the survey: to gauge community attitudes toward sexual assault, determine areas where outreach and training may be lacking and to guide outreach and prevention plans to better serve all our populations. A summary overview and aggregate results for groups will be shared with UA’s Title IX offices, and kept within the university. Individual survey responses will not be retained. Results will be retained in summary form only and will stay with the UA system and kept confidential. No public reports or presentations will be released about this information.

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