Healthyroads Wellness Program Information for FY16

The University of Alaska is pleased to announce the Healthyroads wellness program will continue for fiscal year 2016 (although we’re counting all activity you’ve done since May 1). The program and Healthyroads website will go live on August 1, 2015. Use the following table and information to provide an overview of the program requirements and highlight any adjustments or updates made:

What has stayed the same?

  • Requirements:
  1. Complete a personal health assessment (PHA)
  2. Get a biometric screening
  3. Earn 5 additional points
  • Eligibility: All employees and spouses/FIPs who are on the UA Choice Plan are able to participate
  • All of the same items that were available for points last year will also be available this year!
  • $600 rebate to all eligible that is paid-out over the course of FY17 to off-set the health insurance deductions-so you pay less for your health plan.

What has been updated?

  • Wellness Program Dates: 8/1/15-4/30/16
    • This will include a ‘look-back’ for all activities to 5/1/15—so the program covers a full 12 months!
  • MORE options available for points!
  • Previous additional point options that have been updated:
    • Adult immunization/flu shot attestation has been updated to ONLY have an attestation option
    • Monthly activity goal has increased to 120,000 activity points/month in order to earn 1 incentive point. (Previous conversions will remain the same.)

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our on-site, dedicated program manager:

Sara Rodewald
Phone: 450-8203
Email: sararo@ashn.com

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