Plans emerge for Butrovich reorganization

In a move creating lasting long-term savings, the UA K-12 Outreach team (17 individuals) will be moving from leased space in the Bowers Office Building up to the Butrovich. The lease savings are around $110,000 annually.

In anticipation of re-organizing office and cubicle space to accommodate the additional department, the space allocation of all departments in Butrovich has been evaluated. In the years that have passed since initial occupancy space allocation has been a relatively random process. The move offers a perfect opportunity to improve employee and department adjacencies, improve working relationships and reassemble teams of related employees in a thoughtful and beneficial manner.

A space planning consultant worked with department representatives to evaluate available space and recommend a new building layout that provides a good fit work environment for all departments as well as outlining a process for future assignment of space. Draft diagrams of the proposed new building layout are currently under review by department heads. While some departments will not be moving, quite a few will be relocating this spring. You can view the proposed new building layout here: PLAN PDF. These plans are not completely final and may be subject to change prior to departmental moves. Concerns should be discussed with your department representative or head.

In anticipation of the reorganization, departments are encouraged to begin evaluating their storage areas, records, equipment and office supplies. Utilize records management resources to evaluate files and determine what should be retained and what can be disposed of and in which manner. For more information on retention and disposal schedules visit the records website: http://www.alaska.edu/records/records/rds/. Employees should clean out their cubicle areas and dispose of or surplus items that are no longer necessary.

The exact schedule for moving departments has not yet been determined. Staff are encouraged to talk with their department heads with ideas for making the move most efficient. Should it be done all at once or in stages? How can the moves be made to limit impact on services and office functions? It will take the coordinated effort of multiple departments to accomplish this reorganization in the least disruptive manner. Staff cooperation is very appreciated.

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