Statewide Service Awards for 2014

President Gamble addresses Statewide Staff during the 2014 Service Award celebration.

Five Years of Service—2014

  • Morgan Balai
  • Will Finley
  • Kevin Jacobson
  • Candice Krupa
  • Diane Pederson
  • Dudlee Pense
  • Craig Post
  • LaNora Tolman
  • Vicki Wallner
  • Elaine Woodburn

Ten Years of Service–2014

  • Tami Choquette
  • Gregg Christopher
  • Heather Havel
  • Douglas Knight
  • Buffy Kuiper
  • Connie Malate
  • James Milburn
  • Steven Mullins
  • Alexander Taylor

Fifteen Years of Service—2014

  • Bonnie Carroll
  • Tanya Hollis
  • Kenneth Meggitt
  • Eric Muehling
  • Tim Nelson
  • Geri Rabbage
SAA President Dory Straight emceed the event.
Candice Krupa receives her five-year nameplate.

Twenty-five Years of Service—2014

  • Linda Stanley
  • Earl Voorhis

Thirty Years of Service—2014

  • Richard Machida

Outstanding Staff and Department awards for 2014

  • Student: Samantha Taylor
  • Non-Exempt: Monique Musick
  • Exempt: Glenda Findlay
  • Department: OIT Desktop Support
Buffy Kuiper receives her ten-year ulu.
Tanya Hollis receives her fifteen-year clock.
Samantha Taylor, a student employee for Financial Systems receives the Outstanding Student Employee award for 2014.
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