Confidential Hotline to Launch June 30

The UA Confidential Hotline will be live on June 30, 2014! Staff will receive a link to the hotline website where they will find a web intake form, toll-free phone number and frequently asked questions. A hotline link will be featured on the front page of www.alaska.edu. 

The UA Confidential Hotline will be available for the following types of issues:

Accounting and Financial
Fraud, theft, waste or other financial misconduct

NCAA compliance or rules violations issues

Diversity and Equal Opportunity
Bias incidents and EEOC or ADA matters, Title IX

HIPAA, healthcare fraud, insurance issues

Human Resources
Time or benefits abuse, employee misconduct, retaliation

Information Security
Data privacy/integrity, malicious use of technology

Export controls, animal or human research issues, misappropriation of funds

Risk and Safety Matters
Unsafe working conditions, environmental issues or other safety matters

*Examples are a subset of the complete list available to reporters. The complete list of issues will be available on the web intake site. Several issues are repeated across different categories so that the reporting party can locate it through several different methods.

The hotline is NOT for reporting emergencies. Employees and members of the university community must call 911 for emergencies that would result in imminent harm or danger. 

About the UA Confidential Hotline:

The UA Confidential Hotline is a third-party hosted service that uses two methods (a toll-free phone number and Web-based service) to receive reports on a range of potentially high-risk violations at the University of Alaska. It opens a reporting avenue for individuals that have knowledge of a potentially critical, high-risk issue to report but do not know who to report it to, or they do not feel safe using the existing mechanisms for reporting, perhaps due to concerns of retaliation. It has a special feature for a reporting party who believes he or she must remain anonymous.   

The hotline is an additional tool for receiving reports of suspected waste, fraud, abuse and other potentially critical, high-risk violations of policies. Existing processes and procedures will still be in place, but the hotline provides an additional intake tool for employees. 

Every report will receive a response that could result in an investigation, a request for more information, or an explanation as to why the case will not be investigated.

Hotline Confidentiality and Anonymity

  • A confidential service such as the hotline is considered best practice, and brings UA’s efforts of reporting high-risk concerns up to the latest standards within higher education.
  • Confidentiality is fundamental to the hotline concept. Confidentiality is maintained to protect the reporter from retaliation, as well as any persons alleged of wrongdoing from having their reputation harmed as a result of an unsubstantiated allegation. Hotline website FAQs describe confidentiality limits.
  • The hotline provides an option for the reporting party to remain anonymous. The reviewer (case manager / internal investigator) can still conduct dialog with an anonymous reporter if further details are needed. It’s very important for the anonymous reporter to write down their assigned report number, set up a password only they will know, and log back in 5-6 days later to see if there are any questions for them.
  • If a report is made specific to an intake administrator, it is automatically routed to others on the intake team. If the report names a reviewer (case manager/internal investigator), the administrators will ensure it is not assigned to that individual.

More information will be available when the hotline website link is posted.

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