Photos By UA Staff

Regent Pat Jacobson started Ukrainian egg dying lessons with both of her nieces several years ago. This spring the younger niece, Kate, a senior in high school, asked to start again. The rest is history. She plans to double major in art and Russian and her artistic side absolutely shines in this egg dying project. Pictured are the results of the effort. The smallest egg is a tiny chicken egg from a young hen, the next size are chicken, larger are duck and the largest one is a peacock. Photo by Pat Jacobson
Fireweed blooms drenched in rain. Photo by Diana Varieur
Water flows over South Fork Falls in Eagle River. Photo by Amber Gichard
The Glenn Highway provides scenic view points of Alaska glaciers, mountains, rivers and wildlife. Photo by Leah Glasscock-Sanders
Rainbow Mountain's distinctive colored slopes are a recognizable sight along the Richardson Highway. Photo by Leah Glasscock-Sanders
A spectacular sunset. Photo by Heidi Herbert-Lovern
An example of the beauty of Alaska's peony flowers. Photo by Leah Glasscock-Sanders
A deep red peony flower is visited by a pollinating insect. Photo by Diana Varieur
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