Photos By UA Staff

Point Wilson Lighthouse in Port Townsend, WA. Photo by Amber Gichard
Visitors photograph a bear at the Alaska Conservation Center near Portage. You are able to drive in so those who have difficulty with mobility are able to see animals too. It was a neat place to visit. We took my Mom who is in a wheelchair and she did not need to get out of the car. Photo by Linda Hall
Mt Blackburn, Elliot Hwy. Photo by Margie Schwartz
Gulkana Glacier, Isabel Pass, Rich Hwy. Photo by Margie Schwarz
Chevy planter at Kenny Lake. Photo by Margie Schwartz

Road Trip!

I went down to the Portland area for a family reunion, picked up a new-used car, drove down to Napa to visit another relative and drove back up to Alaska. A 4,564 mile beautiful trip! ~Monique

Multnomah Falls, OR. Photo by Monique Musick
Mt. Hood dominates the view. Photo by Monique Musick
Crater Lake National Park offered stunning views. Photo by Monique Musick
Lake Shasta is at a near record low—and dropping 6 inches a day—as millions of gallons a day are drained from the lake for agricultural and hydroelectric use in a very dry California. Photo by Monique Musick
Calcite formations in the Lake Shasta Caverns. Photo by Monique Musick
Overlooking the Napa Valley from Skyline Park. Photo by Monique Musick
Driving through the Avenue of the Giants enjoying the few remaining stands of Giant Redwoods. Photo by Monique Musick
It is hard to explain how stunning, a beautiful and big the redwoods are until you experience looking up at them. Photo by Monique Musick
The beautiful, rocky Oregon coast was fogged in but still stunning. Photo by Monique Musick
Almost home, the Yukon reminds me of Alaska and spurs a early morning drive home. Photo by Monique Musick
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