Statewide Staff Photo Gallery

Photo taken at 10:30 p.m. on the ice road to Alpine. Photo by Nick Sanders
Photo by taken by Russ Steiger in March looking northeast over the Goldstream valley
Photo taken by Amber Gichard on the beaches of Destin, Flor.
Photo taken by Amber Gichard on the beaches of Destin, Flor.
Photo taken by Amber Gichard on the beaches of Destin, Flor.
Photo by Anne Holte, 9/11 Memorial - Arlington Cemetery, Arlington, Va. The memorial is in the shape of the Pentagon, and the Pentagon is building to the far right upper corner, partially hidden by the trees.
Photo by Anne Holte: Cherry blossoms taken on a drive through the Tidal Basin durng an April vacation to Maryland and Washington, D.C.
Photo by Anne Holte: A photo of Washington, D.C. taken from the plane, landing at Reagan National Airport with the Washington Monument and Capitol in the distance. The Jefferson Memorial can be seen in the forefront to the right, as well as cherry blossoms along the body of water called Tidal Basin.
Photo by Monique Musick: The rugged islands of the Tongass National Forest stretch to the horizon off Halibut Point Road in Sitka.
Photo by Monique Musick: Despite wind, rain, snow, hail and fleeting sunshine spring flowers were blooming in Sitka in early April.
Photo by Monique Musick: St. Michael's Cathedral has been a dominant part of downtown Sitka since the 1840s Russian era.
Photo by Monique Musick: St. Peter's was built in 1899 by Alaska's first Episcopal bishop, Peter Trimble Rowe.
Photo by Monique Musick: Detail from the Centennial Pole, the newest addition to the Sitka National Historical Park's totem collection.
Photo by Monique Musick: Sitka National Historical Park, or "Totem Park," was established in 1890 to preserve the site of a battle between invading Russian traders and indigenous Kiks.ádi Tlingit. A collection of totem poles were brought to the site in 1905.
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