UA Institutional Research and Analysis Welcomes Jacobus

Raymond "Todd" Jacobus is the newest member of the UA Institutional Research and Analysis department. In his position as the SLDS project analyst, he will explore research questions related to the Alaska State Longitudinal Data System and document input and output of Alaska SLDS related data from BANNER, assuring data security, availability and system performance.

Jacobus started his new position on Oct. 29. Before his hire, he worked as a paleontological consultant, as the collections manager for the UA Museum of the North Earth Science Department, a GK12 fellow and a laboratory technician at UA Fairbanks.

Jacobus was born and raised in the San Fransico area and came to Fairbanks in 2004. He received most of his formal higher education from UAF, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in geology and a minor in biology.

In his free time, Jacobus enjoys sailing and traveling, having lived with his family on a sailboat for eight years. He has studied abroad in Europe and volunteered and traveled through Southeast Asia, including Borneo, and China. Even though his background is in hard science and education, he is an aspiring writer of fiction. He also greatly enjoys the Alaskan wilderness and summer and winter sports the climate offers.

Marley Joins General Counsel

Naomi Marley is the new administrative assistant for General Counsel’s office. Marley will begin her position on Nov. 12.

Before working for general counsel, Marley worked as a receptionist, legal secretary and office manager at Guess & Rudd. Marley also worked as a deputy clerk and legal technician for the Alaska Court System.

Marley was born and raised in Fairbanks. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in equine science from Colorado State University in 2004. She has gained a large majority of her legal knowledge from working with attorneys and courts since graduation.

In her free time, Marley enjoys snowboarding, snowmachining, horseback riding, four-wheeling and many other outdoor activities.

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