Adopt-A-Family 2010

Two families to receive holiday assistance from Fairbanks Statewide Staff

‘Tis the season to celebrate in giving! Thank you to everyone for the generous donations in the past, we encourage you all to one again help needy families in our community. The program is operated by Love Inc. and is not assistance than clients can request. Families are referred by a church or school counselor, or have connected with Love INC in the past. Usually there is a temporary or unexpected financial setback such as medical issues, unemployment, fire or death in the family that makes the holiday difficult for these families. Once selected they are interviewed to identify wants and needs of the family members. The gift list should be considered a starting place, and not a set of instructions. One of the most rewarding parts of this program is seeing the grateful faces of our adopted families when we deliver them a truck-load of Christmas joy! Help us spread the cheer again!

This year we have two families sponsored. Monique Musick is coordinating the drive. Please contact her at x8103 with any questions or stop by suite 206 to drop off your donations.

Family #1

Lee is a single father with three sons, ages 9, 12, and 13. The boys have had a very difficult year and just joined their father here in Fairbanks this fall. Lee is unemployed this time of year and any Christmas joy we can share would be a blessing!

Household needs:
A gift certificate for groceries would be a big help.
A GVEA would also be a great help.

They are “starting over” and kitchen items that would help him cook for the boys would be very useful such as a large crock pot, oven-safe casserole dishes, roasting pan and a cookbook of easy meals. Dinner dishes are another great option.

Blankets and bedding are needed; the boys have twins and dad has a queen.
Towels and wash cloths in dark colors are also needed

Harlan, 13:
Size 16 regular jeans, size large shirts, and 8 1/2 shoes. Any clothing would be appreciated but he especially needs socks and boxer shorts.
They have an Xbox 360 game set- dad does not allow violent or bloody games!
A remote control snow machine is another gift idea.

Lee Jr., 12:
Size 14 husky jeans, size large shirts, and 8 1/2 shoes. Any clothing would be appreciated but he especially needs socks and boxer shorts.
Racing game for the Xbox, Halo 3

George, 9:
Size 10 jeans, size 12 shirts, size 4 shoes. Any clothing would be appreciated but he especially needs socks and boxer shorts.
Likes cartoon videos
Remote control car is another idea.

Other ideas:
Harlan and Lee Jr. enjoy hanging out at Joel’s Place. Items they could use there at the indoor skate park etc. would be good.

Dad suggested board games and things the four of them could enjoy together.
They have a DVD player so a gift certificate to for video rentals is a good option.

Family #2

Jessica and Billy have three children ages 2,3, and 7. They live in a mobile home near Curry’s Corner. They are trying to cope with expenses and bills and were very worried about Christmas for the kids.

Household expenses and needs:
A gift certificate for groceries would be great for the family.
Also a GVEA certificate and one for fuel
They do not have a kitchen table with chairs
Pots and pans or a set of dishes would be practical
They are in need of towels and wash cloths

The have no tree- but it would need to be small if they got one.

Shanna, 7:
Size 7-8 jeans and shirts, size 12 or 1 shoes
She needs school clothes. A hoddie, pajamas, sweats, or a bathrobe would be a great gift option. Sock and slippers too! Her favorite colors are purple, pink and green.

She loves Barbie- so there are tons of toy options. A Barbie doll and accessories would be fabulous. She also likes Littlest Pet Shop toys. Bubble heads were another option. She is creative and enjoys arts and crafts. She likes puppy stories.

Cheyanne, 3:
Snow pants size 3T; gloves, scarf and boots, size 6. The wears 3T clothing and could use socks, pants, shirts, pajamas, or sweats. If her sister gets a hoody or bathroom it would by nice if she received one like it. Her favorite colors are pink and purple.

Shanna and Cheyanne play together well. It would be nice if they receive complementary items (Barbie, Littlest Pet Shop, etc.) She would love the Tinkerbelle DVD or other Disney videos.

Leslie, 2 (male)
Needs a pair of gloves and a scarf. He wears size 3T and could use socks, pants, shirts, pajamas or sweats. He’d also like a hoody or bathrobe. His favorite colors are blue, green and orange.

He is very imaginative. He loves dragons and dinosaurs. He’d like age appropriate legos. Hot Wheels are also great. Any learning toys would be appreciated.

Billy, father:

Needs winter clothing. Heavy coat sizze XL. Work gloves and a hat. Winter boots size 10 or work shoes. Needs socks bock wool and regular. And boxers, size 34. He could use pants, 34x32, and XL shirts. Mom suggested orange and green colors.

Jessica, mother:

Needs winter clothing. Medium to large coat. (She is 5”2’ and 145 lbs.) and snow pants size 11/12, gloves, and boots size 7. She wears misses 11/12 jeans and size medium in other clothing. Any clothes would be appreciated. Her favorite colors are blue and purple. A gift certificate for clothes would be useful as well.

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