UA and State of Alaska Salary Comparisons

During its organizing campaign, ASEA has disseminated some salary comparison information to UA employees, including a chart that shows UA wages for particular positions next to wages for positions at the State of Alaska (SOA).  ASEA's information and comparisons are not fully accurate. The FAQ document and charts described below contain information that will help you understand UA and State of Alaska salaries in an "apples-to-apples" comparison.

UA wants you to have the most accurate information possible as you consider the important issue of whether to support unionization. Attached you will find the following:

In the area of compensation, UA employees compare well with other public employees in the State.  The attached total compensation chart shows that a UA staff member in PERS III who earns $45,531 annually actually receives $80,673 in total compensation. 

In the course of an organizing campaign, unions naturally claim that you will receive a better level of salary and benefits as a union-represented employee.  The truth is that public employers are faced with the same economic conditions regardless if employees are unionized or not, and employees will have to pay union dues or fees even if the promised increases aren’t obtained.

Please call the Statewide Human Resources Office (450-8200) if you have any questions concerning the salary comparisons and compensation information. 

For other information on union organizing, please visit the UA Labor and Employee Relations website at: http://www.alaska.edu/labor/union-organizing/index.xml

Please become well informed about the issues and exercise your right to vote, if the current organizing petition results in an election.

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