Parking fees and operations changes at UAF

Parking fee changes will be implemented over the next three years, including increases to the cost of parking permits, ticket prices, and permit structural changes. Operational changes to minimize costs are also being implemented.

Parking fees for university employees and students on the UAF campus will increase 5 percent each year for the next three years. Faculty and staff rates, which haven't changed for five years, will increase beginning in fall semester 2010. Student rates, which have not increased since fall 2005, will go into effect spring 2011. Each year the revenue and costs will be reviewed, and if there is sufficient revenue to cover costs, scheduled rate increases in subsequent years may be delayed by one year.

The parking permit increase is a mix of actions taken to maintain the Parking Services auxiliary unit, which does not receive general fund dollars and therefore must be self-supporting. Parking operations include shuttle operations, fuel and shuttle bus maintenance, as well as parking facilities maintenance, which includes snow removal, grading and patching, electricity for head-bolt heaters and off-campus leases. Many of the associated costs are increasing and the current fee structure does not cover these costs.

Other revenue changes include:

--Increase written tickets $5 each. This changes a meter violation to $25. A violation for blocking a walkway or stairway will be $35.

--Vehicle immobilization (boot fee) and parking in a fire lane or blocking a fire or wall hydrant will increase from $30 to $65.

--ADA-accessible parking violation will increase from $120 to $250.

-- As of July 1, 2010, the $10 discount for tickets paid within 14 days of issue will only apply to tickets paid online.

Parking Services has implemented a number of operational changes, including consolidating parking into a single office, changing the summer shuttle to on call, and working with the MACS bus system to reduce the need for shuttle trips to the Tanana Valley Campus.

In addition, as of fall 2010 UAF will begin offering gold space parking on West Ridge including Arctic Health East and West, Elvey, O’Neil and Sheenjek lots.  Space will only be sold if there is sufficient demand in an area to create a manageable area of gold space. Space will be reserved via an online waitlist process.

As of summer 2011, gold lot permits will continue to guarantee space in a specific gold lot during the fall and spring semesters.  During the summer, gold permit holders will have space in a gold lot, but not in a specific lot. This allows flexibility to sell short-term gold permits during the summer for special events, summer arts activities and summer sessions.  The nine-month gold permit price is adjusted to reflect more demand during the regular academic year.

The complete approved changes and details are available online at http://uafparking.blogspot.com/

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