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UAOnline and Banner Upgrade

UAOnline and Banner will be unavailable beginning Thursday, March 4th at 5pm to be upgraded from the Banner 7 to Banner 8 software. Systems are scheduled to be available by Thursday, March 11th.  Many systems will still be available that week, including Blackboard, e-mail, Internet, Library and Goldmine.  You will not be able to access UAOnline, Banner, grades, bills, financial aid, paystubs, course drop/add, benefit information and some other online systems.  Please begin preparing now for conducting your work during that week without Banner or UAOnline access.   We apologize for any inconvenience this outage may cause.

Adding someone else's Google calendar

Ever wondered how to get someone else's calendar in your calendar mix?  Wonder no more:

In your UA Google Calendar, choose "Settings," then choose "Calendars" and on the right hand side of the page (roughly midway down) select "Browse interesting calendars." 

This will open the Interesting Calendars page.  On the right side you will see More Tools and under that select  "Add a friend's calendar."

In the Contact Email blank, add your friend's Google email address (assuming your friend has a calendar that has been set up).

Select "Add" and that person's calendar will be in your list of "Other Calendars!!"

No MeetingMaker after March 30

Reminder of the planned obsolescence (and ensuing cost savings) of UAF and SW Meetingmaker Calendar service as officially announced Fall 2009:

"Effective November 1, 2009, Google Calendar will be the authoritative calendaring application for UAF and Statewide. ...... The UAF/Statewide MeetingMaker servers will remain active through March 30, 2010 to handle archiving and transferring of events."

New Directory Lookup Gadget for Google Apps @ UA email and calendar

Baffled by inviting people to meetings because you aren’t sure of their UAUsername@alaska.edu address?

Stymied by translating your old email contacts into the UAUsername@alaska.edu format?

The wait is over, there is a new tool!! It is a nifty new Enterprise Directory Gadget that you can install that will do an Enterprise Directory, (EDIR), lookup right from Google Apps @ UA.

It’s pretty easy to install and will come in real handy, so visit the gadgets page for instructions on adding the gadget. It takes about 3 minutes to do and provides an easy way to look people’s UAUsername@alaska.edu address required for Google Apps @ UA.

Retention Policy Change regarding ftp://ftp.alaska.edu

Effective March 1, 2010 the OIT FTP server called ftp.alaska.edu has a new file retention policy for files residing in the “incoming” and “outgoing” folders. Starting March 1, any file in those two folders will now be deleted at 11:59pm on the 30th calendar day after its creation. That allows 30 days to retrieve the ftp files. Once the file is deleted, it will not be retrievable.

Please visit these folders and retrieve any files that you want to archive prior to the March 1, date. On that date, any files older than 30 days will be deleted.

The ftp server is for files that are in transit, it is not intended for long term storage. If you have file storage needs, please contact the OIT Support Center to discuss options.

For questions and further assistance, please contact the OIT Support Center.

March training opportunities

OIT's Training & Development Group (part of the Support Center x8300) has their March training offerings available online - http://www.alaska.edu/oit/training

Please note that the TOAD Writer class is still under development and sessions will be added to the calendar when the class becomes available.

TOAD Reader classes fill up quickly so check back often to see what is available.

Banner is being upgraded in early March.  Training will be offered after the upgrade is complete.
If you need Banner training prior to the upgrade; please contact Lynn Wrightsman at 474.6969 or lawrightsman@alaska.edu, to enroll in the on-line Banner class through Blackboard.

Several new classes are being offered again in March:
Using a SMARTBoard to Teach, Effective Use of Your Macintosh Computer, Basic Adobe Acrobat Pro, and Effective Use of Your Web Browser: Firefox.

Blackboard training has expanded to include:
Plan Your Semester Using Blackboard, Setting Up Grade Center, and Blogs-Wikis-Podcasts from Blackboard. Check it out - offered weekly!

Remember you can drop by and work with us anytime (although a call in advance will make sure that one of us IS available), or use our regular drop-in support times on Fridays:  TOAD, Blackboard Fridays 1-3 pm, and  Google Apps Friday 3-5 pm. Check the calendar to see when we are available!

Classes do fill up quickly so don't wait. 
Google Applications for Education (Mail-Calendar-Documents-Sites) classes are available by request.
As always, departments or groups can request individualized trainings - just give us a call (Gary 474-6573 gabender@alaska.edu)


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