August 2010- Issue #47

As the days cool and darkness returns to the interior, the ground cover begins to turn. Photo by Monique Musick

President's Comments

President Gamble shares his impressions from campus visits. MORE...


  • Statewide Staff Campaign
  • UAF Community and Technical College, official name change July 1,2010
  • New Mat-Su Director
  • Student focus group
  • Statewide staff picnic
  • SAA Highlights and other news� MORE...

OIT News and Training

  • Identity Management
  • Training Schedule� MORE...


  • New hires and position changes at Statewide�MORE...

HR News

  • Dates for Representation Election Under Consideration by ALRA
  • Training opportunities
  • HR news and announcements� MORE...

Classifieds & Event Calendar

  • Calendar of Events
  • Classifieds� MORE...

Photo Galleries

  • Your Shot: Photos by Statewide staff.� VIEW...
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