Meeting brief: September 9, 2009

Once again the SAA had a full agenda to discuss at the September meeting. In addition to wrapping up old business, including potluck themes, donation drives and building issues, the disc golf course was introduced and SAA was asked to look into providing discs for use by Statewide employees.

Chief Human Resources Officer Beth Behner provided an update on tentative staff compensation adjustments for FY11. She also discussed the 1% grid change proposal going before the BOR in September.

Mike Humphry followed up on questions from the prior meeting including the total value of benefits payed to employees, an overview of the success of health incentive programs and a discussion of the fall Individualized Health Plan (IHP) program. Statewide still has no official statement on the extened holiday closure and members of SAA requested that something official be released so that employees know what to do about holiday leave and holiday pay.

Job assignments were made for the February employee awards ceremony and the early planning stages for the event are going into motion.

Additional information and a full discussion of these topics will be available in the October SAA Highlights.

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