Time to think about safety

A reminder from Risk Services

The time of year when school is back in session and the first hint of winter is in the air is here. Heightening our awareness and remembering basic safety concepts allows us actively to reduce our risks, while promoting security and safety.

The Butrovich building has automatic door locks, which secure the building after hours. It is important to remember your keys when accessing the building after hours and to avoid letting people in who do not have keys. This reduces the risks of assault, theft, and vandalism. If you should need into the building after hours and do not have your keys, you may use the phone located in the foyer to request access.

The following are current available programs:

The Loss Prevention Program

Computer/Equipment Lock Down Devices were previously funded through the Loss Prevention Program to provide security and reduce losses due to computer and other equipment thefts. 

Security Escort
The Parking Services Department offers security escort service at any time day or night to escort you to your car, residence, or any other building on campus. Call 474-7721 to request an escort.
Vehicle jumpstarts and unlocks are also available during business hours.

Please visit the Risk Services Department’s website for other programs and information. www.alaska.edu/risksafety

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