Preventing slips and falls

1.    During icy conditions, slow down and plan more time for travel.

2.    Most slips occur when you are in hurry and getting out of your vehicle or upon leaving a building when your feet are warm and a water layer forms under your feet. When getting out of your vehicle, place both feet on the ground before standing or stand outside the building entrance when leaving a building for about ten seconds to allow your shoes to cool down before walking.

3.    Most vehicles are equipped with handholds, which can be used to assist you with exiting your vehicle.

4.    Be sure to remove your Spikes before walking on hard surfaces in buildings as metal spikes on hard dry surfaces can be slippery.

5.    Pay attention to where you walk and avoid slippery areas whenever possible. Do not take short cuts through unmaintained areas even though others may be doing it.

6.    Slippery conditions are most prevalent near dawn and dusk because of re-freezing and sand sinking below the new ice layer so be extra vigilant during those times.

Wear your Spikies during icy conditions to prevent serious injury to yourself and to help keep medical costs down.

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