Ethics Quick Reference Guide

The Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act – Quick Reference1 (July 2007)

Official Action - Before you act, consider whether you or an Immediate Family Member have a personal or financial interest in the matter. If so, don’t take, recommend, or withhold action, or coerce a subordinate’s action in such a matter.

Misuse of Position - Don’t use your position for personal gain, or grant unwarranted benefits to anyone. Don’t seek or accept money, services, employment, or contracts through your job or for doing your job.

Abuse of Subordinates - Remember that your subordinates work for the University and have specific jobs – don’t ask them to do things to benefit your personal or financial interests.

Misuse of Resources - Don’t use state time, property, equipment, or other facilities to benefit your personal or financial interests.

Partisan Politics – Partisan politics have no place at work. Don’t use any University resource for a “partisan political purpose,” defined as intent to differentially benefit or harm a candidate or potential candidate or political party or group.

Interference with Hearing Process – don’t have off-the-record contact with decision-makers in administrative proceedings.

Use of Information - Don’t use non-public information to obtain any benefit for you or an immediate family member. Remember that to be public, information must be broadly disseminated, not just available.

Gifts - Don’t accept gifts that might be intended to influence your actions, and disclose all gifts of more than $150.

Outside Employment And Activities - Refrain from incompatible outside activities or employment. Disclose all outside activities as they arise, and every July 1.

University Grants Contracts, Leases, Or Loans - Neither you nor your Immediate Family Members may seek interests in University grants, contracts, leases, or loans if you can take or withhold action on them. The interest, as well as your action, is prohibited!

Disclose before you Act – The Act requires that you refrain from acting when there is potential for a violation. When in doubt, seek guidance.

Representation – The Act places limits on when you can represent 3rd parties on matters coming before your agency.

Post Employment Limitations – for two years after you leave employment you may not represent, advise, or assist on matters in which you participated.

"Immediate Family Member" means spouse, cohabitant, child, parent, sibling, grandparent, aunt, or uncle of the person, and parent or sibling of the person's spouse.

1 This is not intended to be an exhaustive or authoritative statement of the requirements of the Act. The law governs and can be found at AS 39.52. and 9 AAC 52. Helpful websites include: http://www.alaska.edu/hr/forms/hr_ethicsforms.xml & http://www.law.state.ak.us/doclibrary/ethics.html

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